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Weekly Schedule

Southwest High School
3414 W. 47th St
Minneapolis, MN 55410

                                                            6:00p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 

Wed. Oct. 26              WEEK 1 – INTRODUCTION & 1ST LESSON
                                    Final Destiny:  The University – Understanding the High
                                    School System

Wed. Nov. 2               WEEK 2 – 2nd LESSON – Identifying the Classes that Form
                                    Part of the 4 – Year Plan
World Savvy – Global Cultural Competency

Wed. Nov. 9               WEEK 3 – 3rd LESSON – Recognizing the Importance of the
                                    Grade Point Average (GPA)
4th LESSON – Reviewing Other Important Requirements and Programs

Wed. Nov. 16             WEEK 4 – 5th LESSON – Discussing Higher Education Options 6th LESSON – Identifying the Different Financial Aid Options

Wed. Nov. 23             NO CLASS - THANKSGIVING

Wed. Nov. 30            WEEK 5 – Principal Session – Location: Auditorium
                                    Time: Principal 6:00 – 7:30   7:30-8:30 Counselor and CCC Tour

Wed. Dec. 7                WEEK 6 – University Tour
                                    Time 5:45 Main Entrance:

Wed. Dec. 14              WEEK 7 – POTLUCK 5:45p.m. & GRADUATION 6:30 p.m.
– Location: Davis Center    1250 W. Broadway  55411
TBD                Celebration & Family Fun Night – BLAISDELL YMCA.

– Location: Blaisdell YMCA  (3335 Blaisdell Ave. S., Minneapolis) 

How to Talk About Teenage Relationships

How to Talk About Teenage Relationships

When parents talk about teenage relationships, they are helping to develop an important life skill.
By Jill Pond

We teach our teenagers math, science, and history. We help them perfect the art of scoring a goal or playing the trumpet. We talk to them about music, books, and movies. But somehow, some of the most necessary lessons in life get glossed over.

Dating and relationships are activities that our teenagers will engage in, either now or as adults, yet many of us let our kids muddle through teenage relationships without guidance. We cross our fingers and hope they make it through to adulthood unscathed. But just like any other skill, we must teach our teenagers how to be in relationships—and support our teenagers as they figure it out

So … where to start?
Before doing anything, take time out to remember your past. How old were you when your hormones kicked in and you eagerly anticipated your first kiss? Were you scared to talk to the object of your affection, or did it come naturally for you? Did you have teenage relationships? Did you feel comfortable talking to your parents about them?Did your values match those of your parents? How has your story unfolded?
Each person’s pages are filled with unique knowledge and experiences that have made them who they are and it would be wrong to expect all parents to teach their teenagers the same curriculum for life. Conversations about dating and relationships are complex. Undoubtedly, as each parent ponders what to say, their past experiences will come into play as will their values and beliefs.
This template is designed to assist with conversational formulation – building your way into sensical discussions with your teenager will help you say what you want to say in an organized and thought-out manner. Take time to turn the questions over in your mind as these are important lessons for your child. Building a foundation of trust and reciprocity will go a long way.

1. Share Your Own Stories

Think about the message you want to pass on to your teenager and pick a story from your past about an experience with dating and relationships that will set the tone for the conversation. When a parent shares his or her story, it starts a conversation and creates a dialogue, as opposed to coming off as a lecture.

2. Values and Beliefs

What values and beliefs do you want to pass on to your teenager? This is a tricky thing, as he may not agree with you. Open yourself up and allow for opinions to be expressed. Having an open mind will be more conducive to your relationship and to the conversations to follow. It’s OK to disagree, but trying to get your point across with force, shame, or fear will cause your teenager to withdraw. You’ll want to keep this conversation going and using a lot of “what-if” scenarios will help illustrate your point of view.

3. Behavior and Custom

Remember teaching your toddler her manners? Teaching dating and relationship “etiquette” is no different. The foundation of all interaction is built on kindness and respect. More “what-if” scenarios can help your teen understand how to approach new situations. Additionally, your culture or religion might have certain customs you’d like to pass on.

4. Communication

Lack of communication can cause serious problems in dating and relationships. It is imperative that your teen understands the importance of knowing what is acceptable or not in terms of how he wants to be treated and how he will treat others. How and what to communicate to his partner will be a life-long learning process.
It’s important to know that a parent can’t cover all of the conversational ground about dating and relationships in one sitting – these conversations should be ongoing and ever-evolving. Be sure to ask your teen questions about her experiences, and keep telling stories of your own. Stories from your past are interesting to her and are the ultimate ice-breakers.
Good luck, take your time, and remember: this can be a fun (really!) experience that creates a strong bond between you and your teen.

Jill is a seeker, writer and blurter of truth. She is a sexual health educator, a wife to a hoarder of camping gear, mother to two wild girls, and walker of two stinky dogs. Comedic with a twist of serious, the stories on her blog detail adventures in life. Totally Inappropriate Mom, houses her writing where a ‘life-uncensored’ philosophy, naughty humor and general inappropriateness run the show. Check her out on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Building Life Skills in High School to Ensure Success in College

Building Life Skills in High School to Ensure Success in College

Lauren Greenspan helps parents of teens understand which life skills are essential for success in college and life. And encourages parents to start building those skills in high school. “The only thing more dangerous than taking risks in adolescence is not taking risks.”

So the majority of the time we are thinking about college, a lot of us I think it’s safe to say mostly think about how I’m going to pay for college, the application process, college application essays, all of that type of stuff. And something that can sometimes get overlooked is how am I going to prepare my kids socially and emotionally to completely uproot from everything they know and start another life.

So that’s what I’m going to be covering today. So, I’m going to start with just laying down a little bit of groundwork on some of the changes that are happening in the brain with teenagers that actually help to support them in this launch. And then we’ll talk about specific skills that we can help them develop throughout their Middle and High School Years to be ready for this, and then obviously what we as the adults in their lives can do to help with all those things.

So the teenage brain. Anyone have any idea what the teenage brain might have in common with other animals? This’ll be the day, right. Hormones, yeah. So there’re a couple changes in the human brain occurring during adolescence that I want to talk about, and very interestingly, scientists have found that these changes happen across species, and you can see that not even just with mammals, with a lot of different species.

One is that we see increased risk-taking, and the other one is that we see our teenagers moving away from their family group and spending more time with their social group.

And so scientists have found that as all of these different animals are preparing to leave their nest, they’re exhibiting similar behaviors, and so this lowered risk threshold and the pleasure in risk-taking are actually serving a purpose across species to help animals prepare to leave the nest.

(For the rest of this presentation, please view our video)

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Election Day November 8, VOTE

Did you know early voting in MN is underway? Learn about the MPS referendum renewal question on the ballot:

Planning to vote early? Here’s all the information you need about the MPS referendum renewal ballot question: Visit to learn about early voting.

Live in Minneapolis? Your ballot will have a question asking voters to renew MPS’ expiring referendum. Learn about the referendum renewal at:

We know most of the attention is on the Presidential race this election season, but there’s also a question on the ballot in Minneapolis to renew the expiring MPS referendum. Learn more at:

Before going to the polls this Nov. 8, learn more about the MPS referendum renewal.

Check Out - What are the Latest Rankings for Southwest?


Southwest Senior High School

·         Minneapolis, MN
·         338 reviews
Add to List
High School Senior:I love going to Southwest. I feel like the staff really cares about me and my future. I am challenged in all my classes and learning is genuinely fun. If you challenge yourself with AP and IB classes

20 Best Public High Schools in Minnesota

9. Southwest Senior High School, Minneapolis, MN

Southwest Senior High School is a public school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has 1,658 students in grades 9-12.
The academics have a reputation of being some of the best in the state of Minnesota. Southwest has won #1 public school from various publications such as US Newsweek for the past few years. This is due largely to the vast array of educational options that cater to all types of students.
Southwest also is one of the few IB World Schools in the state, offering a full IB Program that allows students to graduate with an IB Diplomma if they meet all of the requirements. For these students, AP and Honors courses are also offered alongside normal classes. The positive thing about the IB program in the school is that all students then have access to a unique set of classes that are different and more interesting than normal electives.
There’s a good mix of teachers and that includes diversity. Basically all the teachers know each other so they know what goes on in other classes. They also try to coordinate their big projects so they don’t add up but it doesn’t always work.
There are a range of after school activities available for everyone. There are after school programs for religion, ethnicity, athletics, academic, and even fun like kpop club, anime club, and many more. It allows everyone in the school to find something they can connect to, even if a student doesn’t find something then they are allowed to create something.
Southwest has a huge student involvement in athletics. School spirit is heavily present, and there is always a large fan section at athletic events. There is a wide range of sports to be involved in, from football to gymnastics to ultimate frisbee.
§  Southwest Senior High School graduation rate is 81.0%. National average is 82.2%.
§  57.0% students of Southwest Senior High School scored at or above proficiency levels on their state math assessment test.
§  67.0% students of Southwest Senior High School scored at or above proficiency levels on their state reading/language arts assessment test.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Southwest Used Test Prep Book Drive


Collecting the following books:
● AP test prep books
● IB test prep books
● ACT prep books
● SAT prep books
● AP/IB study guides
● Used class reading books (purchased outside of school)
And any other used school books!

Every year countless students purchase these books, but often only need to use them for a month or two. If you have any of these books you are no longer using, consider donating them for students who cannot afford them.

They can be dropped of in the bin by the main office.

Collecting them from October 24th- November 2nd