Thursday, March 29, 2012

Soup With The Sup

 Soup with the Supe - Save the Date

You are invited to lunch and a conversation with Dr. Bernadeia Johnson, superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools and members of her leadership team to share your ideas and learn about the vision for MPS.
When:  Saturday, April 14, 2012 - from 12-2p.m.
Where:  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center
             4055 Nicollet Ave. South, Minneapolis 55409
Field Community School Jazz Combo will welcome you. Food, Spanish and Somali interpretation and childcare provided at no charge.  Childcare for ages 3 & up, all children welcome.
Hosted by Area C/Zone 3 Parent Advisory Council.  For more information contact, Gael Ellis, community liaison at 612-987-2344 or Latisha Gray at 612-668-0062

District Advisory Looking For Discussion Topics

 April Meeting Ideas
We are developing the topics for the April Area C meeting. We will be discussing world languages and looking at ways for parents to connect to district groups (DPAC, Area meetings, Parent Resource Connections etc.).
We welcome your questions or ideas to add to this dinner/discussion meeting. Send us an email at:  or contact one of our reps/alternates in the left column.

University of Chicago study regarding strength of IB

University of Chicago study finds CPS students completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme are better prepared for college
Bethesda, Maryland, IB, March 22, 2012 – The University of Chicago study released today shows that Chicago Public School students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) are 40 percent more likely to attend a four-year college, 50 percent more likely to attend a more selective college and significantly more likely to persist in four-year colleges for at least two years, compared to similar students who did not enroll in the IB Diploma Programme. The Diploma Programme is an academically challenging programme for students in their junior and senior years of high school.
This study looked at high achieving students in CPS high schools who graduated from 2003 through 2007. It included 1,888 students who enrolled in an IB cohort in the ninth grade, 62 percent of whom went on to enroll in the IB Diploma Programme in the eleventh grade. The DP students come from 12 neighborhood high schools, and are predominantly first-generation college students; 67% were female, 33% were male, 37% were African American, 38%were Latino, 14% were Asian/Pacific Islander, 15% were white, and 77% were eligible for free or reduced price lunch. The non-IB students in the study had the qualifications necessary to be eligible for the Diploma Programme.
IB students interviewed felt they were academically well-prepared to engage and succeed in college coursework and described strong analytical writing and math preparation, motivation, work habits, organization and time management as strengths. “The University of Chicago’s research provides evidence for what we have known all along – that the Diploma Programme prepares students for college success,” Drew Deutsch, Director of the IB Americas, said. “These findings have important implications for districts across the US interested in implementing IB programmes. We hope that this study will help policymakers and practitioners better understand how to successfully promote college readiness in high schools.”
The report authors note that “never before in our work in Chicago have we seen coursework have an effect on college persistence. The fact that it has an effect two years after students graduate speaks to the kind of powerful impact the IB Diploma Programme can have on students’ trajectories” Indeed, there is considerable cause for optimism about the power of the IB experience to prepare students with the skills necessary to thrive in college.
This study is part of the Chicago Postsecondary Transition project, a multi-year research project tracking the post-high school experiences of successive cohorts of graduating CPS seniors.
The complete study, and others on the impact of the IB programmes, can be downloaded at:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First of two days of quarter finals

Wednesday and Thursday are third quarter final days. Both days are regular periods. Different course finals are held on each day to attempt to pace them out for students.

Thursday is the end of the quarter.

There is NO SCHOOL for students on FRIDAY March 30.

Spring break is April 1 throuigh 8. School is back in session on Monday April 9 and that is the first day of the fourth quarter.

Good Studying for Finals!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Might Just Make It

The cooler temperatures make it possible. Those unusually warm summer days this early in the year are tough. Very difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. But this week has been significantly improved.

3rd quarter finals start Wednesday and finish on Thursday. There is a regular 6- period schedule each day. We only do end of semester finals in the two-hour blocks. So it is a regular schedule on Wednesday and Thursday with no school for students on Friday. Still time to get a couple things in to teacher prior to the end of this grading period.

We do react to the weather. These cooler days are better study days then those very nice ones. So a few more days then a week off and we finish with the fourth and last quarter of the 2011-12 school year. Where did the days go?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Southwest Speech Wins Honors

The Speech Team wrapped up (with the exception of the SW students participating in State) its season on a high note Saturday on the wind swept prairies of Dassel/Cokato (not the end of the world, but you can see it from there). As usual, the SW students were wonderful ambassadors and modeled teamwork. The results are:

• Southwest placed 2nd in the large school category (behind Chaska)
• Abby Harnack (Drama), Avi Gori (Extemp. Speaking), and Nathaniel Larson (Discussion) all placed 1st in their categories
• Vienna Larche placed 2nd (Humorous)
• Madelaine Foster (Creative Exp), Maya Lassiter (Discussion), and Piper Shatz-Akin (Humorous) all place 3rd in their categories
• Chloe Rich (Humor) and Sophia Deady (Poetry) placed 4th in their categories

Congratulations to the Speech Team on a fantastic season

SW Coaches

History Awards

Southwest was represented at the District level history day competition this past weekend. Three groups of students entered the performance category, and one student entered in the individual documentary category. Two groups won the opportunity to continue on to the State level competition, please congratulate them:

“Student Walk out” – Veronica Arenllanes, Anna Wizenburg, Taylor Bilotta, and Anthony Parker

“Cuban Missle Crisis” – Mara Hopfensperger, Dylan Thomas, Austin Demko, Dayton Smith and Abdi Malow

Our third group got Honorable mention, please also congratulate them:

“Hard Time, Drug Crimes” – Michael Hawkinson, Wayne Hughes , Tyler Clover, Reak Kueth

For individual Documentary Majde Jaafar received an honorable mention.

There are also several students from Southwest who entered web sites or papers, but those automatically go to the State Competition so we will let you know the results after April 29th.

Nonie Kouneski
NBCT Social Studies
Southwest High School

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Activity Fees and Community Support

Whenever I have the opportunity to visit another high school I read the walls. That provides an interesting look at the educational culture of the place. In some places that walls read of the best of this and that, hall of fame winners, trophies and looking all official. In other places the walls read of student activities and clubs and happening - sometimes even stuff about what is happening in that classroom - you know, student work.

I have noticed the increase in student activity fees over the years. Minneapolis has chosen not to directly charge fees for students activities. But I quickly point out that without parent, friend and student support most clubs could not exist. The school pay the coach and club advisor stipend but that represents a very small percentage of the total cost of the program.

The range of student activity fees in our surrounding schools range from $60 - $200. Yes, that is for the Math team, Chess Team and Fine Arts Clubs. I am sure that they have some type of sliding scale for those in financial difficulties but those are the listed amounts for participation.

On the one hand I can say - we don't do that. On the other I must acknowledge that our volunteer parents provide significantly more support than that. In many ways i am glad that we ask our parents (and community ) to be involved. We want them to know and be proud of what their kids are doing. We want our parents to be invested in the doings of their children. We appreciate them being around and knowing first hand the wonderful things our kids do on a regular basis.

Is is great to have the ability to whip out the checkbook and cover the expense. It is another to time from your busy schedule to work with and for your kid and many of those other friends and acquaintances. To be involved in debate and speech I have the privilege of working with numerous and wonderful parents who are supporting their kids and the children of our community.

I know I could include in the description of our parents, the many proud parents who worked behind the scenes and counters during the current musical. There are many others involved in PSTA and various parent-school committees. Without our sports booster parents we would not be able to field the number of teams that we do. And the list goes on for pages.

I think I am very happy that we don't have fees. We ask our parents and community friends to take part in the important task of preparing our kids for the future. We work together. And, yes, our halls are messy and alive. We appreciate excellence and I hope we honor the outstanding but the real heroes at Southwest - I want to believe - are the young people who show up each day and give it their best. Without each and every one we would not be the same.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Rains Change Lions into Flowers

There is one of those old day saying out there somewhere. This entire season has been one strange day event after another. So today it is rain. If you are a fisher person there are sufficient worms on the sidewalks for great fishing.

Rain is good. First it cools the outside termperatures, reduces humidity and makes the building on the inside tolerable. It also makes sense. it is spring and it rains in the spring. That is natural so it must be okay. Normal events are calming events. So spring rains reduce humidity , make study time possible and encourages a positive learning day.

Rain, sometimes but not a guarantee, puts some more clothes on a couple of our children. That is also a plus. Skin is a useful part of our body but we really understand that it is there and do not need to see so much of it at time.

Thursday of next week is the last student day of the third quarter. Still time to get caught up and improve that GPA.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One of those life time thrills

Tonight was the Sing-a-long night at Hairspry. A fun event with songs and dances and people on stage and in the audience enjoying sharing and in the spirit of the musical and the arts at Southwest.

There is a small part in the musical of a character as the principal of the kid's high school in 1962. Well, for tonight they let me be the principal. No songs, no dances just two lines and a few seconds in the spotlights. But oh what fun. I can't tell you how exciting that is for me. There are over 100 kids in the show. I wish every student in the school could share in the moments.

But that is why we do so do many and try to find ways for the younger students to get the center stage and the different talents and interest can shine. I can't tell you how much I appreciate and thank them for letting me be a small part in their musical. I understand being supportive and working behind the scenes to attempt to create the opportunities. I understand the role I have chosen and have no regrets. I thoroughly am thrilled in watching them sing and dance and play sports and make paintings and get awards and being outstanding young men and women who I know will contribute to a better tomorrow. I frequently am totally flattered just to be around these fantastic young people daily.

But I have to admit for a moment tonight I was on the boards and in the lights. My heart could not feel prouder or happier. You have wonderful children. You are continuing to make a caring community. Just remember We - and that is everyone of you and all of us -- are Southwest!

And the Tension Mounts

Yes, we are headed to the end of the third quarter and Spring Break. The weather is wonderful and barometric pressure is bouncing all over the place just as the mental focus of our children. This is a tough time. Separation is difficult. A week away from friends and the excitement of social contact is its own painful escape.

At the same time it sounds like fun and everyone is saying have exciting it will be. So it needs to start raining. The humidity is not helping the mood inside the building. The slowly falling temperatures are helping a bit.

Spring Break will be here and gone before we know it. Trying to stay focused is the key for the next several weeks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Fantastic Day

Hard to complain about these extra days of spring/ summer. Inside concentration is more difficult but not impossible. The building just does not cool week. No real ventilation and it is humid. But just wait until the end of June.

If you are getting text messages from your child please look at the time and then quickly respond - if appropriate - get back to work - pay attention. Yes, some children but thankfully not tons, still have not separated and need t keep you a prized of their every movement except when they don't want to. Isn't amazing that you know the temperature of every room in the high school and have no idea where they are at 10 pm.

Next Thursday is the last day of the third grading period. There are finals on Wednesday' and Thursday. These are 55 minutes in length. For moat teachers the last day to accept late work is probably Tuesday. S get on the portal and check out what might be still missing. There is still time to make a difference on this grading period.

Yes, time moves on. Spring is flying by but make sure the grade stay up.

Spring is in the air

Today is the official start of Spring -- or did I say Summer?

Mother/Father Nature is confused. Now sure what season we should be classing this. The grass is turning green, the trees are budding and young people's thoughts are turning to how can I get all the homework completed by Tuesday. Ok,maybe not all of that.

The weather makes us crazy. If it is supposed to be snowing and it is not, we get a excited. If it is supposed to be cool and it is already the middle of summer, we get a little stirred up. The barometric readings affect our behaviors. So if we are a little loud and frigidity you need to blame it on the weather.

You might want to see if your young person remembers to get completely dress before leaving for school We have a few children showing up that are showing way too much skin. It may be warm but we are not on the Florida beach yet.

March 22 6:30 pm Area C Advisory Meeting

Area C Parent Advisory Council Meeting
Thursday, March 22, 2012
Jefferson Community School - 1200 West 26th Street
6:30-8:30pm - cafeteria
Childcare available ages 3 & up, all children welcome
Somali and Spanish interpreters available
"Rigorous Academics for all Students, Strategic Planning to Achieve Results"
guest - Emily Puetz, Chief Academic Officer, MPS

Area C School Updates

District Updates

Everyone is Welcome!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hairspray - a MUST see.

If you have not seen Hairspray you are missing the show of the season! Singing, dancing, and more singing and dancing and great music and more fun, performances this week are Wednesday - sing- a - long starting at 7 pm.

Performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 pm. You better reserve seating if you want to see the show.

Sunday Matinee is at 2 pm and there is very limited seating so call now.

A great cast-- over 100 students involved. Great fun!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Area C Parent Advisory March 22

Area C Parent Advisory Council Meeting, Thursday, March 22, 2012
Jefferson Community School - 1200 West 26th Street

6:30-8:30pm - cafeteria

Childcare available ages 3 & up, all children welcome

Somali and Spanish interpreters available

"Rigorous Academics for all Students" guest - Emily Puetz, Chief Academic Officer, MPS
Everyone is Welcome!

Teen Job Fair March 24

The Teen Job Fair will be held from noon-3:00pm on Saturday, March 24 at the Minneapolis Central Library.

Southwest students are encouraged to attend the fair from 1:00 – 2:00pm.

More information can be found on the Hennepin County Library’s website:

Southwest Chess Team on to Victory

Here are the latest news about the chess team…

Our Minneapolis Southwest chess team finished in 2nd place in the Bronze division of an Adult League. There were 23 teams competing over the past 7 months in this league that has been competing for over 50 years. Our team now earns a position in the Silver division next year - an elite status within the chess community.

In two weeks our team of 7 players will be competing in the Minnesota State Championships where we will place among the top 3 teams - perhaps 1st place!!! This is going to take place on March 31st and April 1st at the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown St. Paul. Be there if you can.

In mid-April we will be competing at the National Championships that are being held in Minneapolis this year for the first time ever. The top schools in the country (mostly from New York) will be traveling here for the Championships. We will have, as they say, home field advantage.

Jose Fresco
Teacher and Chess Coach

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Six Period Day Remains in Place for Next Year

For the 2012-13 school year, Southwest High School will remain on a 6-period schedule.

Sorry for any confusion. We have been working very hard to develop a seven period day for students. The District Strategic Plan is for all high schools to be on a seven period day for the 2013-14 school year.

I know some of our students and families will be disappointed. There are numerous options that could have been part of the 7 periods. Howver, I am confident that we can maintain the excitement in programming that we also have been working to establish.

The Course Fair and pre-registration information provided to students and families remains in place. Teachers are meeting individually with students and review options for next year and the recommendations. I know those conversations will continue at home and with counselors.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012-13 Minneapolis School Calendar

MPS sets school year calendar for 2012-13

The Minneapolis Board of Education approved the 2012-2013 school year calendar, which includes four additional days of instruction for all students. The school year will begin for students on August 27, 2012 and end on June 4, 2013. Kindergarten students will begin on August 29, 2012.

The four additional student instructional days will be:

•         One day before the Thanksgiving holiday: school in session on November 21, 2012

•         Winter break shortened by three days: school in session on January 2, 3 and 4, 2012

Preliminary approval for these four additional student days has been received from both school board members and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers’ leadership. The school board’s approval comes in advance of a settlement with the teachers’ union in order to minimize disruption to families, schools and community organizations in their planning for next year’s school schedules.

Minneapolis Public Schools has one of the shortest school days and school years in the state. Adding quality student-teacher instructional time to the school calendar is another critical step in MPS’ work to significantly improve the academic outcomes for students. Extending the instructional year will benefit students who are struggling and will have a positive impact on students who are excelling.
View the 2012-13 calendar
Visit the MPS website for more information

IB CAS due April 9

IB students are aware that CAS is due to the IB office no later than April 9. Questions, call Dick Schwartz.

Spring and all the memories

At our Principals' meeting this morning the high school principals were talking about the great weather and the chance of snow in April. As you might guess that got to talking about our great school year and our great kids. One of the high schools was speculating when seniors' thoughts might turn to the great outdoors and a day off. All of us agreed that we have heard about some of those suburbs schools but our darlings would never do such a thing. Naturally that turned to how supportive our parents are and we all were very grateful that our city parents were just too wise to fall for that silliness. Absences are unexcused unless a parent wishes to inform the school that son or daughter is sick or something. We knew that our parents have ethics and would not permit their daughter or son to pull a fast one. Actions have reactions and consequences. That is an important learning experience. Let a kid get away with something like that and then she/he is loose talking and before you know it they are at the pool hall and pool stands for trouble and we never want that in river city.

The meeting was exciting and very educational. As Minneapolis City High School Principals, we were just plain proud of our great kids and families taking responsibility and sticking to the tasks at hand.

Haiku Poet Winners!

Every year the Emperor of Japan selects a theme for haiku poets. For this contest the theme is "kishi" which translates in English to " shore, coast, or beach ".
Ibaraki, Minneapolis’s sister city in Japan, sponsors a haiku contest. Southwest High School was notified that they placed with eight winners in the city wide contest this year. That means we won all honors in 9th grade-12grade category this year. A presentation of awards will be held on Sunday, April 15th, 2011 from 2 p.m. at the Minneapolis Central Library downtown. Please congratulate these talented students, Ms. Schiffman and Ms. Reilly when you see them!

9th grade -12 grade Category
1st Place : Melissa Yang, (Ms. French)
2nd Place : Elijah Fortson, (Ms. French)
3rd Place : Henry Aoki, (Mr. Rees)
Honorable Mention : Chloe McIntyre, (Ms. French)
Honorable Mention : Vincente Fernandez, (Ms. French)
Honorable Mention : Liam Kelsey (Ms. French)
Honorable Mention : Melissa Yang (Ms. French)
Honorable Mention : Stuart Fritz (Ms. French)

Adult Category
2nd Place : Gail Schiffman
Honorable Mention : Gail Schiffman
Honorable Mention : Dawn Reilly

Thank you.
Kyoko French
Southwest Japanese Teacher

Monday, March 12, 2012

Southwest High School presents Hairspray

Southwest High School presents Hairspray
March 15-17 and March 22-24 at 7pm;
March 18 & 25 at 2pm.

March 21 Sing-a-Long at 7pm

Tickets are $12 (adult), $10 (seniors), $5 (student)

Hairspray is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).

Please see order form in order to buy tickets in the "Premium Section".

Jazz at Cedar Center Wednesday March 14

SWHS Jazz Combo to Perform at Cedar Cultural Center.
The Southwest Jazz combo, Plan B from Outer Space, will perform at the Cedar Cultural Center on Wednesday as part of the Viva City Jazz. More showcasing of our talented jazz musicians.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wanted - Volunteer Graphic Artist

Southwest needs to update some school brochures. Looking for a graphic artist to donate way too may hours to a project that will be tremendously appreciated.

If you have time and patience and a willingness to help, please email or call me.

With great gratitude, Thank you

Drills and Practice

We have to practice fire drills, lock down drills and tornado drills. Yesterday was a code red (lock down) drill. It went very well. Thnakfully these are drills. We hope we never have to do a real one. But it is good to practice just in case.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Southwest Alumni in Jungele Theater Production

Christopher Knutson is Officer Williams in the Jungle Theater season opener "Dial M for Murder." Chris participated in Southwest theater productions in the black boxx and at Pangea.

Dial M for Murder runs through March 18 at the Jungle Theater.

It's Party Time!

Spring is in the air. Warmer weather is not far behind. Time to have parties on the weekends. You know those sleep overs and let's spend the night at "Joe's."

Do you know where your child is on Saturday night. Who he/she is with and how safe she/he might be. We want our children to have fun, enjoy being young, and have great experiences. Sometimes in the name of a good time the young go too far.

Binge drinking is a problem. Those innocent parties frequently are great opportunities to sneak in a water bottle filled with some adult beverage. Before you know it, you have drunk teens and possible problems. The logic ones are driving while under the influence, disorderly conduct and other problems in the night.

The more serious after effects of drinking can be alcohol poisoning, getting killed in a traffic accident and losing health and possible limbs in the name of a good time.

If are having a party or you are sending a child to a party please take a moment to telephone and make sure you have telephone numbers. Who exactly is attending the party and what are they suppose to be bringing. We want safe fun. We want children to live through their happy years.

Ask a question now so you do not have a major regret tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MATH Sites That Students Can Use

MATH Sites That Students Can Use Independently by Larry Ferlazzo

10The Best Sites That Students Can Use Independently And Let Teachers Check On Progress is a “The Best…” list that can come in very handy for teachers and for students. It lists free sites where teachers can register their students, and both can keep track of their progress. They can be useful for reinforcing concepts and language learned in the classroom. Most, thought not all, of the sites on that list focus on English.

I thought a similar list targeting sites that let teachers and students do the same with Math could be useful. I know that over the years I’ve seen a number of them, but never bothered to bookmark the sites.

So I put out a call this blog and on Twitter for suggestions. Here is what people recommended, and I hope others will contribute more:

Brad Wilson made this suggestion: Ten Marks is one that focuses on math. A colleague of mine really liked it, although I have not registered my own students before. Another for both ELA & math assessments is Easy CBM.

Nancye Blair wrote: has a free component for number sense- fractions/decimals/prevents – that is very well developed, adaptive, and includes video tutorials. My students love it! They also have several components that one could pay to add on.

Bryan Corcoran said: One site that I’ve found to be quite beneficial is Toying around has found quite a variety of items to introduce and review with the students, and it catalogs quite a bit of data, making it easy to pinpoint individual problems, as well as class issues with specific math concepts.

Carrie Ward commented: In the past I have used Tutpop to register a whole class and track the progress they make with math through games played with each other as well as students from around the world! There are different levels, but it is aimed at elementary. I can’t remember who first told me about this site, but I like it.

This comes from Tracy Macfarlane: I love It is a free site that helps kids master their math facts. Initially, the student takes an assessment quiz of what they already have mastered as indicated by a response of 3 seconds or less. Each consecutive session is based on the outcome of the previous assessments. It takes about 5 minutes a day, provides corrective feedback, visuals for goal setting, and can be used for the whole class or set up at home by a parent.

A big thanks to Kelvin Hartell, who let me know about Study Ladder. It has impressive literacy, science and math interactives, and teachers can set-up “classrooms” to keep track of student work. Plus, it’s free!

LearnZillion has tons of free video math lessons that end with a quiz. Those in themselves are not that big of a deal, but three nice things about them are that they are designed by teachers, are free, and that teachers can create “virtual” classes and monitor student progress on them.

As a non-math teacher and as someone who detests anything to do with math, I cannot vouch for the quality of these lessons. I heard about LearnZillion on NPR’s Market Watch program, and you can read/hear it here.

ZooWhiz is a good — and free — Australian site with tons of interactive games and exercises for pre-school, elementary, and middle school (and for English Language Learners who are even older). Users have to register for the site, and teachers can create virtual classrooms for their students.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Diverse Stages March 8 to 10th

Diverse Stages with Southwest High School
March 8, 2012–March 10, 2012, 7:00 PM
Pangea World Theater Studio
Calhoun Building 711 West Lake Street, Suite 101 – Minneapolis 55408
Pangea’s Diverse Stages Education Initiative is an exploration of what we call theater. It utilizes the combination of change, challenge and action allowing new forms of theater to emerge. It changes the way that we see and use theater. It puts us in other people’s shoes evolving our attitudes towards those we consider as ‘others.’ It finally allows us to go outside the norm and routine, so that action can be taken in our communities. This permits a safe and stimulating atmosphere to create understanding and positive change for the betterment of the community and human rights.
As part of Diverse Stages, students from Southwest High School were invited to take part in an educational theater production, which let them explore their minds and creativity to make their own original production.

The students are not directed through a play written for them, but are given the opportunity to write, produce, direct, and act in a work they wrote themselves. They are encouraged to not only think freely, but also speak freely. It lets the students ponder over life and the world today.

In the past students have achieved this exploration through heated dialogue, musical performances, silent pantomime and offstage narration.

It allows the Southwest High School students to find their own way through this time in theirs lives in a safe and stimulating environment.

Come see their newest creation March 8-10, 2012 at 7:00pm at Pangea!
Tickets: $10 Adults / $5 Students
Tickets are available at the door

Monday, March 5, 2012



Evenings at 7p.m.
March 14 JAZ! at the CEDAR Featuring - St. Olaf College Jazz
March 15 THEATER at the CAPRI Featuring - T. Mychael Rambo
March 16 FRINGE at the CAPRI Featuring - Desdemona

Feb 8-29 Middle School -- Opening Reception - Feb 22, 5-7 p.m.
March 5-28 High School -- Opening Reception - March 7, 5-7 p.m.

FREE Admission to all events

Southwest Chess Team Results

The Minnesota Chess Tournament open was held recently and these are team accomplishments…

Wes Cannon: 1733 to 1798 10th place and one guy away from $100
Peter Bertel: 1594 to 1684 1st place, trophy and $350
Will Cannon 1403: to 1506 huge jump
Connor Robinson: 1408 to 1421
Josh Jones: 1340 to 1397 2nd place and $115
Isaiah Paguyo: 1329 to 1317 went to confirmation
Danny Tincher: 858 to 822
Brendan Berg: 762 to 929 biggest gain ***

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Speech Team 2nd at Fridley Tiger Invitational

-- Team Picture

Creative Expression – Madeline Foster 3rd Place
Discussion – Nathaniel Larson 7th Place; Ian McGillivary – Honorable Mention
Duo – Madeline Foster & Brodin Jentz 6th Place
Extemporaneous Speaking – Sophia Deady 2nd Place; Avi Gori 3rd & Vince Puzak 5th
Humorous – Chloe Brevik-Rich 1st Place; Vienna Larche 3rd & Piper Shatz-Akin H.M.
Original Oratory – Brodin Jentz Honorable Mention
Poetry – Honorable Mention – Alexandra Nicome; Genny Pfistes & Sophia Deady

- Award Winners

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dance Fund Raisers March 4

New York Fundraiser will be this Sunday, March 4th at Patrick's Cabaret on Minnehaha and Lake at 7:00 p.m.

Students are selling $5 tickets as we speak and they are also available at the door
for $7.

Southwest Singers will be joining the southwest IB theater and the southwest dance company 1 on a trip to New York City!!. If you are in the market to improve your garden, please consider buying bulbs at their fundraiser site!

SW Student Soloists Plays March 4

Southwest Student Nora Doyle Featured Soloist with Greater Twin
Cities Youth Symphony Presentation “Young Soloists in the Spotlight”
on March 4

Nora will be one of two featured soloists of Saint-Saëns Cello Concerto No. 1 and Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E Minor.

The Young Soloists concert will feature selections from Khachaturian’s folkloric ballet Gayne and Copland’s zesty “El Salón México.”

Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for students and seniors in advance and $14 for adults and $10 for students and seniors at the door. To purchase advance tickets, call GTCYS at 651-602-6800.