Friday, May 27, 2016

Southwest Athletic Program Grade Point Averages

All Fall Sports - 3.50
All Winter Sports - 3.52
All Spring Sports - 3.48

All Women's Sports - 3.59
All Men's Sports - 3.39

Southwest Annual Average - 3.50

Congratulations Southwest Scholar Athletes.

Southwest Dance Finale at Band Shell

The Southwest Dance program completed its 2015-16 school year with performance at the Lake Harriett Band Shell.

Well over a 100 performers danced their way through an exciting program under the bright skies and with a beautiful lake and sail boat backdrop.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Minnesota Buddhist Vihara Southwest Students Visit

Minnesota Buddhist Vihara 

About us

The Minnesota Buddhist Vihara is a Buddhist temple that serves all those interested in learning about the Teachings of the Buddha. We offer teachings for both children and adults. We welcome people from all traditions and cultures to ‘come and see’ and to share in practices such as meditation, discussion on the teachings of the Buddha and ritual and cultural events of the Buddhist community of Minnesota.


The mission of the Minnesota Buddhist Vihara is to share the Buddha’s message of Peace and Happiness and help create peace and harmony within and ourselves and in the surrounding world. Vihara is open to people of all faith traditions and cultures. We welcome you come and see, to participate in spiritual practices such as meditation, observance of precepts, discussions of Dhamma (Buddha’s teachings) and community events.
Buddhism, one of the major world religions, founded by Siddhartha Gautama popularly known as the Buddha (the Enlightened One), is regarded as one of the three most widespread religions in the world today. Buddha was born in India during the sixth century BCE into a royal family of the Sakyan clan. Though He had all the comforts for a good life with wealth, palaces for three seasons and so on He was not satisfied with them. He saw life as suffering due to impermanent nature of phenomena and determined to find a lasting solution to the problem of suffering. So he gave up all material things and became a homeless wanderer. He practiced severe self-mortification for six long years in the hope of realizing Nibbana in order to eradicate suffering. Having realized that there are two extremes with regard to religious practices, Siddhartha Gautama decided to follow the Middle Way (Majjhima Patipada). Through the combined practice of Tranquility (Samatha) and Insight (Vipassana) meditations he realized Nibbana and became Enlightened.
The basic teaching of the Buddha includes epistemology, theory of knowledge and ethics which is called Vijja (wisdom) and Carana (practice). Buddha’s basic teaching includes the Four Noble Truths, Three Signata (Tilakkhana), Karma, Dependent Origination, Nibbana, theory of perception. The foundation of Buddhist ethics is non-violence, compassion and loving kindness. He emphasized the self-analogous ethical theory which is more effective in solving social problems. In Buddhism there is room for investigation and inquiry.
In the hope of giving Buddha’s message we have founded the Minnesota Buddhist Vihara. The aim of our mission is to create a peaceful and harmonious world. Vihara is open to everybody. All are welcome to take part in our religious activities like meditation, observance of precepts, Dhamma discussions and so forth.
- See more at:

President Obama Message to Class of 2016

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beatles Musical with Southwest Students


Musical retelling of Beatles story through the eyes of manager Brian Epstein features the live music of renowned tribute band Abbey Road; Local high school string quartet to accompany on five songs
MINNEAPOLIS, MN (05/05/2016) In My Life - A Musical Theatre Tribute to the Beatles is the nationally touring musical biography of the Beatles through the eyes of manager Brian Epstein, featuring the live music of renowned tribute band, Abbey Road. The show is widely considered by industry insiders to be the most unique Beatles show in decades. In My Life performs at Goodale Theater at the Cowles Center on Monday, May 23 at 7:30 pm.  The show is appropriate for all ages.
More than just a Beatles tribute concert, In My Life gives the audience a chance to “be there” at pivotal moments in the extraordinary career of the Beatles: Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club, The Ed Sullivan Show, Shea Stadium, Abbey Road Studios and the final live performance on the rooftop of their Apple Corp offices. With manager Brian Epstein serving as narrator, In My Life allows the audience to get a glimpse inside the world of the Beatles from their point of view, as well as hear some of the greatest songs ever written. Historical settings such as the Cavern Club are established on stage with videos and images which play behind the actors and musicians on a video screen.

The Southwest HS String Quartet 
From left to right, Maxwell Voda, Eleni Sophocleus,
Grace McEnery and Arianna Thompson

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kids Need to Play and Interact with Adults

To Help Kids Thrive, Coach Their Parents

The intervention that made the big difference in the children’s lives, as it turned out, wasn’t the added nutrition; it was the encouragement to the parents to play. The children whose parents were counseled to play more with them did better, throughout childhood, on tests of I.Q., aggressive behavior and self-control. Today, as adults, they earn an average of 25 percent more per year than the subjects whose parents didn’t receive home visits.

Sunday New York Times article

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Southwest and CODE YELLOW

At approximately 1:00 pm today Minneapolis Police Department advised that a precautionary CODE Yellow be called for the remainder of the day.  The situation was the potential harm from an outside source.  

Working with the Minneapolis Police, School Administration locked all outside doors and restricted entry in and out of the building.  Students were confined to regular classes.  Students did pass from 6th to 7th period.

We are concerned about the safety of our students, staff and visitors.  We will continue to be cautious.  

We will return to our regular schedule at 3:00 pm

Monday, May 16, 2016

Film Festival Available


We had great success at the EDU Film Festival last Friday capturing 3 awards for great film making by Avi Patel in the filmmakers of color category and Malcolm Ryshavy for both Experimental and Music Video. In addition Simon Tolman was a finalist in the Narrative category.

The weekend before we had our own film festival and many have been asking how they can see the films. They are all now uploaded to our YouTube channel. Please "like" our movies and subscribe to our channel.

SWMediaFilm YouTube Channel

Six Short Shorts-- winner Avi Patel for Sam the Sock

Five Completely Originals--winner Simon Tolman and Owen Vandewalker for Sonder
plus EDU Winner Paranormal Accidentally by Avi Patel

Three Dramas--winner Present by Malcolm Ryshavy, Nathan Brunmeir and Grace Abbott

Three Comedies--winner Frontier Psychiatrist (also a  two time winner at the EDUFilm Fest at the Icon Showplace 5/13/16) by Malcolm Ryshavy, Grace Abbott and Nathan Brunmeier 
Plus Audience Choice Award Street Pong by Arthur Tarracks and Khaled Kahiye

And finally two amazing documentaries The SWWalkout by Simon Tolman
and Reflections by Claire McPartland, McKinley Roche and Fiona Hanley

Thanks for your forbearance, support and understanding of our program.


David West
Fine Arts Teacher
Southwest High School

Friday, May 13, 2016

Southwest Unhinged Shakespeare Outside Curtain at 6:00 pm in the Courtyard

 Directors Sadie Funk and Illyana Yates put together a fantastic evening of romance, dreams, fairies, death and drama.  A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare comes alive under the stars!  This outdoor comedy is presented in the Courtyard out in the round.
  Bring your chairs dressed in layers with blankets, gloves and hot coffee.  A fun show and definitely the first in the Southwest courtyard in ages if not the very first.  The booming voice of Theseus (Adam Clark) opens the show high on the steps above the audience seated below in the courtyard.
Lysander (Mohamed A. Mohamed) is in love with one and then another of the wonder damsels in distress or at least lost in love.  There is a fight scene, climbs up ladders, music and magic provided by Puck (Geneva Larche). 

The show provides sufficient heat of laughter and joy thorugh the words of the bard and the wonderful talents of these bravehearts.  Saturday night is the last performance and you do not want to miss this last Unhinged production of the season.

Curtain is at 6:00 pm and runs approximately two hours.  Bring a chair, blankets and warm clothes. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Southwest Band Shell Performances 7:00 pm May 16 to 26th

Evening Southwest Families and Friends:

I hope that you will join us for the Annual Lake Harriet Band and Orchestra Concert on Monday May 16th at 7pm.  126 of your favorite instrumentalists will be performing music that they have been working on for a few months and they are sounding great!

We will be honoring 34 seniors along with awarding the annual John Phillip Sousa and National Orchestra Teachers Association to the top senior in each ensemble.  Of special interest will be the winning performance of our 2nd Annual Spring Soloist Competition, senior Sarah Edinburgh, who will be performing the first movement of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor accompanied by the Southwest Symphony Orchestra.

 Another cool part of the concert will be the Chamber Orchestra performing the Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 without a conductor - hope it doesn’t go too well or I’ll soon be out of a job!

Please join our department all week at the Band Shell, you won’t be disappointed!

Monday May 16th - Band/Orchestra
Tuesday May 17th - Guitar
Wednesday May 18th - Jazz Ensembles
Thursday May 19th - Choirs

Thursday May 26th - Dance

Reid Wixson
Director of Instrumental Music
Minneapolis Southwest High School

Southwest Badminton on to STATE Tournament

The following Students will be leaving at 235pm for the State Badminton Tournament on Monday 16th and Wednesday 18th May 2016.  Please wish them luck!!

Simon Whitehead

Minneapolis Southwest High School
Physical Education, and IB Sports Science
Head Girls Badminton Coach

Head Girls Soccer Coach

Southwest Seals a Tradition

View from 47th of what used to be main entrance Door 3

Since 1940 the main entrance into Southwest was through Door 3.  Thousands of students, family members, community guest, foreign visitors and friends of Southwest entered the school through this opening.  This month the doors disappeared,  The steps were destroyed. 

The previous entrance was not accessible.  It required visitors to climb the steps to get into the office, the auditorium and classes.  The doors were painted by rivals, repainted and then graffiti again to repeat the cycle. 

Originally there were wood, glass pane doors adorning the front.  Those were replaced in the era of safety concerns and the black/brown metal doors were installed.  Through the 1955, 1967, 1995 construction, addition and more construction Door 3 remained at the main entrance.

The pictures displays some of the new designs.  There will no longer be stair leading up to the first floor.  A landing is being built that extends the auditorium lobby area.  That floor is now considered the second floor.  Below the new lobby will be classrooms, a new school health clinic and a hallway that is open from door 4 into the commons.

The outer wall will be renovated to match the rest of the building.  Windows in the same design as the others will close the opening and allow light into the classes and area.  The side walls of the old stes will remain.  Planters will be established between those sides.

Door 1 is now the official main entrance.  It is totally accessible with operating doors.  The interior is protected by an interior set of doors.  Blocking the cold outside winds and maintaining limited access from unwanted outsiders is the standard practice of a double door entry system.  Door 1 is further east of the previous area and part of the new construction.  The doors opening into the commons.

A new tradition starts and thousand more students, families and guest will travel through those doors that in 20 years will make it the old door 1.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Meet the MPS Superintendent Finalists

Minneapolis Public Schools

Minneapolis Public Schools

Meet the MPS Superintendent finalists
By next Monday, May 16, the Superintendent Selection Committee will present the Board with a list of finalists to be the next Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools, and all are welcome to attend a community reception with the finalists. Come get to know the candidates, and let them get to know you.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Monday, May 16
6-8 p.m.
Assembly Room
Davis Service Center
1250 W. Broadway Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Childcare and translation services are available during the reception. Light refreshments will be served.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

For more information regarding the Superintendent search, visit If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Lindquist at 612.668.0197 or

Unhinged a Go -- Rain or Not Opening Night Wednesday at 6:00 pm

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" May 11-14, 6 pm in the Courtyard. 

The last Unhinged Production of the year! Directed by Sadie Funk and Illyana Yates, written by William Shakespeare. 

Audience members are encouraged to bring chairs, blankets and a picnic dinner! Chairs and concessions also available at the door. (If rain in the Commons.) 

"Dream" is Shakespeare's most popular comedy. It portrays the events surrounding the marriage of the Duke of Athens, Theseus, to Hippolyta. These include the adventures of four young Athenian lovers and six amateur actors lost in the forest. Mischievous fairies emerge to manipulate the confused and star-crossed lovers, to the audience's delight. 

Tickets at the door.

Support Southwest Baseball - May 15 Chipotle at Calhoun Commons 6 - 8 pm

Just a reminder that the Senior Legion is having its Chipotle fundraiser this Sunday from 6:00 to 8:00 at the Calhoun Commons location.  

All you need to say is "SW Legion Baseball" and the team will receive 50% of all sales during that time.

Come have Sunday tacos and help support your Senior Legion team!

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Target to Discontinue School Donation as of June 1

Target has decided to move is charitable giving to a different purpose.  As of June 1 the purchases you make with your Red Card will not support Southwest High School.

If you are considering some high end purchases in the near future, please do so prior to June 1.

We appreciate the financial support from Target for many years.  We regret their decision to move on to something else.

Families and Parents of Minneapolis - Meet Superintendent Finalists

Dear parents and families,

As active and involved members of our school community, you are invited to a meet and greet with Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) Superintendent finalists on Monday, May 16, from 3:45–5:45 p.m. Come get to know the candidates, and let them get to know you. RSVP is required for attendance, and light refreshments will be provided.

What:        Meet and Greet with MPS Superintendent Finalists
When:       Monday, May 16
                                     3:45–5:45 p.m.
Where:      North Gate CafĂ©
                                     Davis Service Center
                                     1250 W. Broadway Ave.

RSVP required. Deadline: Noon, Friday, May 13.

Please note this event is only for invited MPS parents and families and is not open to the public or members of the media. A public community reception will be held Monday, May 16, from 6–8 p.m. All are welcome to attend the community reception.

Thank you!

Office of Communications

Monday, May 9, 2016

Southwest High School 2016-17 Adjusted Calendar with Modified Start Date

Southwest High School will modify the start date for the 2016-17 school year.  The 9th Graders - Class of 2020 - will report on Thursday September 1 and 2, 2016 for orientation.  This is for only Southwest 9th grade students.

All Southwest High School students will be the 2016-17 school year on Tuesday September 6, 2016.  This is only for Southwest High School students.  All other Minneapolis school and students begin school on Monday August 29, 2016.

The Southwest High School school calendar will be adjusted to account for student days by adding two additional dates - Thursday, November 3 and Wednesday, November 23.  These are school days for only Southwest High School students.

The Southwest High School calendar change does not change the 2016 Winter Break or the 2017 Spring break dates.

In addition to support Professional Development there will be six late start Thursdays: October 13; November 10; January 12; February 9; March 9 and May 11.  School on these late start days will begin at 10:00 am

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Minnesota Select 18-1 National Champions and SW April Houston

The Minnesota Select 18-1 Girls Volleyball team won the USA Volleyball Junior National Championship in Milwaukee.  "It's the first national championship for our club and the first ever for a Minnesota team in the 19 Open division." siad Select coach Scott Jackson.

Southwest April Houston is center first row Number 3.

The players will stay together through June to play in the AAU National Championship in Orlando.

April Houston Signed to Eastern Michigan for Volleyball

April Houston, junior has committed to accept a full athletic scholarship at Eastern Michigan to play volleyball.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Southwest Students in Tribute to the Beatles May 23

20% OFF all tickets with coupon code "Beatles"
Offer valid through Monday, May 9 

You already know and love the songs, but 
In My Life: A Musical Theatre Tribute to the Beatles gives you a chance to get a fresh perspective on the story of the band that made them.  

More than just a live musical tribute show, In My Life tells the Fab Four's tale through the eyes of their late manager, Brian Epstein, who acts as narrator to renowned tribute band Abbey Road's live performance of some 33 Beatles classics. 

Southwest High students Grace McEnery, Maxwell Voda, Arianna Thompson and Eleni Sophocleus will join the band for the songs "Eleanor Rigby," "Yesterday," "A Day in the Life," "Hello Goodbye," and "Hey Jude."

The Southwest HS String Quartet 
From left to right, Maxwell Voda, Eleni Sophocleus,
Grace McEnery and Arianna Thompson

"The show delivers!" -L.A. Times

"If you see one tribute show, see this one - smart and loads of fun"   - O.C. Register

"This is the ticket for you!" - Idaho Statesman

"The most unique of all Beatles shows"
    - San Diego Theatre Review


Monday, May 23   
7:30 pm 



  The Goodale Theater
528 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403 


Regularly $39 - $59
20% OFF all tickets  
 with coupon code "Beatles" 
Offer valid through Monday, May 9  

Box Office Phone: 612-206-3600
Or visit the Box Office:
Tuesday - Friday, 11am - 3pm
Saturday and Sunday, 2 hours prior to performances  

Stay Connected

Like us on Facebook   Follow us on Twitter   View our profile on LinkedIn  

Fun for the whole family!

Abbey Road - A Tribute to the Beatles, 1020 El Mirador Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815

Sent by in collaboration with

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" May 11-14, 6 pm in the Courtyard.

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" May 11-14, 6 pm in the Courtyard. 

The last Unhinged Production of the year! Directed by Sadie Funk and Illyana Yates, written by William Shakespeare. 

Audience members are encouraged to bring chairs, blankets and a picnic dinner! 

Chairs and concessions also available at the door. (If rain in the Commons.) 

"Dream" is Shakespeare's most popular comedy. It portrays the events surrounding the marriage of the Duke of Athens, Theseus, to Hippolyta. These include the adventures of four young Athenian lovers and six amateur actors lost in the forest. Mischievous fairies emerge to manipulate the confused and star-crossed lovers, to the audience's delight. 

Tickets at the door.

Visit our website:

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Southwest Application to Task Force by Parents and Students

Creation of 2016-2017 Southwest Community Partnership School Transition Team

Southwest High School is in the process of making a dynamic advancement in its commitment to
excellence in education for all students. As a Community Partnership School (CPS) Southwest has the opportunity to set a vision, proceed on a self-defined course of action, and take responsibility for the educational achievement of all its students.

To successfully move from what has been to what will be, it is necessary to involve important
stakeholders to ensure that Southwest is honoring the past, recognizing the challenges and planning for the future.

To facilitate this change we are creating a Transition Team. This team will review all existing structures and organizations, identify issues and opportunities and create a vision for the future, establish policy making structures and determine operational objectives. The current organizational and governance structures in place will continue to operate during the 2016-2017 school year.

The Transition Team must be reflective of school enrollment and representative of the programs and
structures in the school and its community. The Transition Team will be comprised of:

  • 17 members
  • 7 licnsed staff
  • 2 full-time non-licensed staff
  • 4 parents
  • 3 students
  • 1 administrator
  • Support by an outside consultant and district liaison

The Transition Team will be formed no later than May 15, 2016 and will begin meeting immediately and throughout the summer at mutually agreed-upon dates. The team will conclude its role and
responsibilities by February 2017.

The process for selection to the Transition Team will begin as soon as possible and include:
   • Vote of the licensed staff
   • Vote of the non-licensed staff
   • Application by interested parents and students, assignment by principal

If interested in applying to be on the Transition Team, please inform Dr. Smith (email or in writing)
before 3 p.m. on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.