Friday, August 30, 2013

Picture Day is ReScheduled for Thursday September 5th

Picture Day is RE- Scheduled for Thursday, September 5.

DO NOT give your money and picture packet to your teacher. 

Take all of that with you during your schedule time to get your picture taken.  Give it to the people at the tables in the gym.


9th & 10th Grade Musical Auditions Start Tuesday

Four Score and Seven Years Ago

        To Be or Not To Be

            One of those work!

Auditions Rescheduled!

We will resume auditions for the 9th and 10th grade musical and the first Unhinged student show on Tuesday, Sept. 3 and Wednesday, Sept 4th  in the choir room and band room at 3:15.

The TV Stations and Newspaper Stories Help Spread the Word

Thanks to all.  This is a statement of results that can be accomplished by working together and sharing a dream.  Thank you to Harvey Feldman.  Thank you to the alumni who are returning to invest in the future of our communiyt.  Thanak you to the families and neighborhood who understand the value of positive educational experiences.  Thank you to the students who strive for excellence in the classrooms, on the fields and in life.   So kudos to you all.  

Here is one of the news reports:  




NO School For Students Friday August 30 or Monday, September 2

Southwest High School is closed Friday August 30 and Monday, September 2.  Classes will begin again on Tuesday, September 3 on regular schedule.

Men's Soccer is on for Friday evening at the stadium starting at 6:30pm

Southwest Cross Country continues its season with compeition on Friday, August 30.

Southwest Alumni and Foundation Make It Happen

Harvey Feldman graduated from Southwest in 1961
"First Class Kids Deserve First Class Facilities."
stated Feldman prior to turning on the lights

" I worked hard all my life and had some success.  If I look back on my life it all was possible because some people believed in me."  reported Harvey Feldman 1961 Southwest Graduate

Art Frederickson and Dave Peterson were coaches that developed character and integrity in the young people who with they worked.  Never give up.  Give it your all.  Determine, hard work and perseverance.  Those are the key words for success.

"I now have the opportunity to invest in the next generation."  Harvey Feldman started a wave of enthusiasm and spirit that according to him  "is only a start."  Community and school spirit are important.  We need to come together as a neighborhood and community and support the needs of our kids for them to grow into the leaders of tomorrow that we want them to be.

Working with the Southwest Foundation, Harvey has motivated renewed interest in an Alumni Association and an Alumni Hall of Fame.  In the coming months there will be several announcements of continuing plans.

You can participate in these efforts.  Check out the Southwest Foundation web site and offer your services to the projects of your interest.  The entire school community is involved as we continue to inspire excellence in the academics, arts and athletics. 

Community Steps Forward In The Light

The usual scene at the Southwest Stadium before the installation of lights
Harvey Feldman, 1961 Southwest alumni and
motivator to get the Turn On The Lights
project started.

A festive celebration of the community
spirit of support for the
Southwest students and famlies

The Fans Roared at the turn of the switch that Turned On The Lights for the first time in the
73 year history of Southwest High School.  Students, Families and Community Members cheered

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Turn on the LIGHTS Thursday August 29 -- at the Stadium


 TOTL Logo

Tomorrow evening, Thursday, August 29th, we will Turn On The Lights for the very first time in the history of Southwest Laker Football at Southwest stadium at 48th/49th and Zenith Avenue South.
Join us for this community event as we flip the switch on our newly installed, permanent lights and dedicate the stadium in honor of Southwest's legendary coaches, Art Frederickson and Dave Peterson.  
Meet Harvey Feldman, class of 1961, who's enormous dedication to Southwest High School and dollar-for-dollar match to the Turn On The Lights Campaign has allowed us to bring lights to the stadium for the very first time in Southwest's history!
The game starts at 7:00 but arrive early; the first 250 fans wearing purple or SW logo wear receive a free TURN ON THE LIGHTS tee shirt!
With Special Guest
Dorothy Benham
Miss America 1977
Class of '73
Fun for kids, parents and alum!
For more information, visit and like our facebook page:  SWHSTurnonthelights  


Southwest High School is closed Thursday, August 29 and Friday, August 30 due to high temperatures and humidity.

School is Closed for Labor Day Holiday.

School will be open Tuesday, September 3 at regular hours.

Check local media for information about other Minneapolis Schools.

Use 3414 47th St W in METRO Transit Trip Planner

The address: 3414 West 47th Street is NOT found in Metro Transit Trip Planner

 Copied from the “Information” tab at, when entered directly into the Metro Transit trip planner is not found. 
The address too use is: 3414 47TH ST W

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Southwest Learning at Work in Progress

Southwest - Learning at Work

Not the best picture in the world.  Was not meant to be.  I was passing by and wanted you to see through the doorway a typical class about 1:30 pm today.  Yes, it is hot.  Yes, it is uncomfortable.  Yes, we continue to work.

This is a very typical class.  Teacher doing what you think he or she should be doing and students doing what they should be doing any day of the week.

Yes, it would be nice if it were more comfortable.  District sent water and fans.  We are staying with it and doing what we do.

Wednesday - Day three - Yes, School is Open

School is open and learning is happening!

The Southwest High School doors are open and students are pouring in for another exciting year of learning and excellence.  The path to success has never been guaranteed nor easy.  The Southwest Laker students understand the idea of hard work, effort and endurance are important as keys for success for the future.

School is never an option.  Whether a person chooses to participate is an option.  Staff have prepared another series of rewarding and productive lessons to promote learning, 21st century skills and success.  Safety and the well being of our students, families and staff are vital and will never be compromised.  At the same time we will not lower our expectations of high quality instruction for tomorrow's leaders.

Water is being distributed throughout the building this morning prior to the start of school.  Water has been available throughout the building since the beginning of school.  There are water cooler on every floor and in most cases more than one.  Five new water bottle filler attachments have been installed thanks to Green Team and Community Education - two in West building and two in East building and one is cafeteria.   Teachers monitor student conditions and are concerned about the heat and the safety of students and staff.

It is summer in Minnesota.  Snow is predicted to happen within 90 days.  Start trying to remember where you stored the snow scrapper for the car windows.

School is open and we are proud of our students, families and staff.  These are great stories for your 40th reunion days.

Laker Volleyball Starts The Season Strong!

Southwest Laker Volleyball on the move!

The Laker Volleyball team opened last night with a great, competitive game.  Traveling to Eagan to play in their air conditioned school and gym, the Lakers battled in every game.

Eagan, an annual favorite to win the state, again mounted a team of some large high school young women and true to form played well.

The Lakers settled down and played strong.  This looks like the start of another great season for the Lakers.

Being in the air conditioned axillary gym was great considering the weather.  It does suggest some facility improvements we might consider.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Working to Make it Through

It is HOT!

And it is summer time and we are surviving.  The District has been delivering water and ice throughout the day.  That is in addition the water coolers that we have on all the floors in both buildings.  We also have five fountains with attachments to fill water bottles.

Education is moving forward.  The heat and humidity make it uncomfortable but we are not running and we are in the shade and lights are low.  We are trying.  Some students have chosen to stay home and some tell their parents strange stories about no one being here.  But we are and will continue to be.  School is moving through day two.

Yes, heat exhaustion is a real danger and we are aware of symptoms and conditions.  We want our students and staff to be safe and in good health.  Drink plenty of water, stay out of direct sun, limit rigorous exercise and stay calm. 

The heat will continue for the next several days according to the weather service.  We will monitor the conditions and be aware of problems.  School is open and we want your sons and daughters to be with us.

Athletic Update

Today in athletics at Southwest 

Football/Soccer/Tennis/CC Cancelled


These are still on:

Swim and Dive at Edina

Volleyball at Eagan


The district has cancelled all things not in AC. 

Sorry for the stress this puts on your programs.



We have girls soccer vs. Central at 4:15

Girls Tennis vs. Simley @ Pershing


Thursday: "Turn on the Lights"

Please try and attend Thursday night for the 1st football game under the lights, the 1st 250 fans get a free t-shirt.  We need a great crowd to show the alumni just how great their gift is.



Boys soccer game under the lights as well vs. perennial power Eastview


Come support our teams.

Change in Athletic Schedules

Check with your student and the Southwest web site for the most current information on athletic events today and the rest of the week.

Volleyball has be MOVED to Eagan (air conditioned building) this evening.

Swimming has been MOVED to Edina (air conditioned building) this evening.

Football varsity will have film study - contact the head coach.

Cross Country practiced this morning.

Girls Soccer game Moved to Wednesday.

Boys Soccer - we are waiting on word from St. Paul Central.

Tennis practice is cancelled.

We will continue to monitor the weather and take necessary actions to protect our students.

Day Number Two

Yes, it is hot and humid.

Class are in session.  Students are securing passwords and text books and getting home work.  It is day 2 of the exciting school year.

As is normal the beginning of the year we are working with class size and attempting to balance classes as quickly as possible.  It appears that students are coping with the various situations.  They are flexible.  We adults sometimes are less patient.

The Go-Cards are new.  Generally the process worked well Monday.  More students are getting their cards today and we are ready for the buses at the end of the day.  Check out the district web site for more information about go cards and bus routes.

We are excited to be back in school and looking forward to another great year.

Please stay off 47 In Front of School 2:50 - 3:30 pm

Metro buses are lining up at the end of the school day to take students home.  These are bigger than the school buses and cars driving up and down 47th in front of the school do nothing to assist in the exit.

Please do not use the alley ways are through streets.  There is a city ordnance prohibiting that and you can be ticketed for doing so.  The alleys are not through streets.

Please pick up your children on Abbott or 46th.  Those doors are open at 3:00 pm and is closer for your student in many cases.

We continue to be concerned about the safety of our children.  Please use extreme caution around the school at all time.

In advance thank you.

Monday, August 26, 2013

All After School Activities, Athletics and Events are Cancelled

All athletic practices (inside or outside), activities, events at school are cancelled this afternoon (Monday, August 26)

Soccer will pictures will be taken at the stadium in the shade with little or no movement.

Please check the Southwest web site for information concerning athletic events the rest of the week.  We are moving games to air conditioned school or cancelling.  Please check before you go to a game. 

We continue to be concerned about the safety of all our students and staff.  We will do nothing that endangers their health.  

Please monitor the web site and local media for any other information. 

We are planning on school for Tuesday.

It is HOT and We Are Off To Another Great Start

Not exactly the ideal first day but exciting regardless.  Yes, it is hot.  We are watching the students and staff closely.  We are concerned about safety every day we are in school.

Schedules are working for oer 90% of the students.  And we are working on the other 10%.  Yes, there are a few crowded classrooms.  Yes, we will make corrections for tomorrow and beyond.  The counselors are working with students carefully.  Not everything is going to be corrected by tomorrow.

The students are excited to be back in school with friends and their various activities.  We aer excited to see how much thye have grown over the summer.  Our seniors are great leaders and this one more step to their graduation. 

Every day is important!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tips for Staying Cool and Hydrated on Hot Days

Tips for staying cool and hydrated on hot days

During periods of extreme heat, people can take certain precautions to prevent heat-related

illnesses. The most important thing people can do to prevent illnesses from extreme heat is to stay

cool and hydrated. The following are basic safety tips people can use during hot days to stay cool

and hydrated.


Stay hydrated—drink plenty of water

Drink fruit and vegetable juice

Do not wait until you are thirsty before you drink fluids (except if you are advised to reduce your

fluid intake by your doctor)

Avoid drinking alcohol

Avoid drinking coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks

Avoid drinks that are high in sugar

Avoid hot drinks


Wear light, loose fitting clothing

Wear light-colored clothing (avoid dark colors)

Wear hats and use umbrellas when outdoors

Wear sunglasses

Use sunscreen (of at least SPF-sun protection factor 15)


Eat light meals

Eat fruits and vegetables

Avoid heavy caloric meals

Avoid hot meals

Prepare foods that require little heating/cooking

Try not to use the oven


Avoid strenuous exercise

If you must exercise, pace yourself

Drink plenty of fluids

Take breaks at regular intervals in the shade or in an air-conditioned building

Reschedule times of exercise and sporting activities to mornings or evenings when it may be


If possible, exercise in air-conditioned places

Reschedule major school or sporting events to cooler days

Extreme Heat Tip Sheet



Prepared by the Minnesota Department of Health, 2012

Tip Sheet

Minnesota Department of Health


Extreme Heat Tip Sheet for Individuals

Tips for staying cool and hydrated on hot days

When Indoors:

Stay in cool places

If you have an air conditioner at home, use it to keep your home cool

If you must use fans, use them next to open windows

Switch off electric light bulbs or other heat generating devices

Keep window blinds and drapes closed to reduce heat and sun from entering your home

Take frequent cold baths

Visit air-conditioned places (e.g., malls, libraries) if your home is hot

When outdoors:

Avoid direct sunlight

Do not spend long periods of time outdoors, especially between 11 AM- 6 PM

Stay in shaded areas as much as possible

Wear appropriate clothing (see clothing section)

Drink water frequently

Provide water and frequent breaks for outdoor workers

Provide cool areas during breaks for outdoor workers

Use relief workers or assign more staff to do more demanding outdoor work

Tips for Children:

Dress children appropriately (see clothing section)

Never leave children and pets alone in parked cars

Provide children with plenty of drinking water

Reduce the number of outdoor/sporting activities

Ensure children take water breaks during exercises

Monitor children closely

Ensure children take frequent cold showers/baths as needed to stay cool

Other vulnerable persons:

Check on the elderly and other vulnerable persons frequently and monitor them for signs or

symptoms of heat illnesses

Encourage friends and relatives to check on vulnerable persons in their family and/or in their


Get Information:

Listen to the local news daily for the weather forecast

Get health and safety information from your local public health department

Learn about the symptoms of heat-related illnesses, watch out for these symptoms and carry

out preventive measures and first aid

For more information, visit the MDH Extreme Heat website at

or contact

Exteme Heat Tip Sheeet for Individuals

Extreme Heat Tip Sheet

for Individuals

Tips for staying cool and hydrated on hot days

During periods of extreme heat, people can take certain precautions to prevent heat-related illnesses. The most important thing people can do to prevent illnesses from extreme heat is to stay cool and hydrated. The following are basic safety tips people can use during hot days to stay cool and hydrated.

Stay hydrated!

    1. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water
    2. Do not wait until you are thirsty before you drink fluids (except if advised to reduce fluid intake by your doctor)
    3. Avoid drinking alcohol
    4. Avoid drinks that are high in sugar
    5. Avoid very cold drinks — they can cause stomach cramps

    Stay cool!

      1. Stay indoors, in an air-conditioned place
      2. Visit air-conditioned places (e.g., malls, libraries) if your home is hot
      3. Electric fans will not prevent heat-related illnesses when the

      temperature reaches the high 90s and above

      1. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose fitting clothing
      2. Take a cool shower or bath

      If you must be outside in the heat:

        1. Limit outdoor activity to morning and evening hours
        2. Avoid strenuous exercise
        3. If you must exercise, pace yourself
        4. Drink plenty of fluids
        5. Rest often in the shade or in an air-conditioned building

        Check on persons at more risk to extreme heat:

          1. Do not leave children or pets in cars!
          2. Check on the elderly and other vulnerable persons frequently

          and monitor them for signs or symptoms of heat illnesses

          1. Encourage friends and relatives to check on vulnerable persons

          in their family and/or in their neighborhood

          Stay informed!

            1. Listen daily to the local news for the weather forecast
            2. Get health and safety information from your local public

            health department

            1. Learn about the symptoms of heat-related illnesses, watch out

            for the symptoms and carry out preventive measures and first aid

            For more information, visit the MDH Extreme Heat website at


            Minnesota Climate and Health Program 625 Robert St N

            Minnesota Department of Health PO Box 64975 651-201-4893

            Environmental Impacts Analysis Unit St Paul, MN 55164-0975 651-201-5797 TTY
            v. July 2012

            Friday, August 23, 2013

            Heat Emergency Through Wednesday -- Be Safe

            Local Channels are calling for a Heat Emergency through Wednesday.  That means the first few days of this school year will be very warm!  A water bottle would be a great idea.

            We have several fountains that have been changed to fill water bottles.  There is one in east building inside room 100 by door 16.  There is one by the Media Center.  There is one in the cafeteria and two - one by each restroom - on the main floor of the west building.
            Please do not bring glass bottles. Soda and other beverages are not encouraged as they do not resolve the thirst issues and in many cases exaggerate the conditions.
            Please make sure your children understand personal safety and the need to be aware of overheating symtoms:
            Heat exhaustionsymptoms
            • Pale with cool, moist skin
            • Profuse sweating profuse
            • Muscle cramps or pains
            • Faint or dizzy feeling
            • Headache, weakness, thirst, and nausea
            • Core (rectal) temperature elevated-usually more than 100 F (37.7 C) and the pulse rate increased


            The Quiet Before the Storm -- It is Exciting.

            In a couple days, these will not be quiet and empty halls.  Yes, we are ready (almost) for another exciting and rewarding school year for our 1780 students and their families. 

            Southwest is an active school and has outstanding, engaged students.  There are over 600 students involved in fall sports and we have not fully begun our arts program.  The Marching Band is practicing in summer camp but auditions do not begin until next week.

            School begins Monday August 26.  First Class is 8:30 am.

            Another step in the journey through high school and graduations. 

            All of our students will be College and Career Ready!!

            Welcome Class of 2017 Students and Families

            The Southwest Class of 2017    Welcome to the families and students of the Class of 2017!        
            The highlight of the evening was the picnic with over 500 of the students, families and teachers welcoming the return to an exciting school year.
            Both students and families participated in workshops to ease the transition into the high school experience.
            The program ended with a fashion show for the families which attempted to demonstrate what a career and college ready student wears to high school.
            Schedules for all grades are available through the student and parent portal.
            Go-Card information needs to be directed to district office.

            Southwest Foundation - A Great Investment in Our Future

            Southwest Foundation Report To The Community  
            Summer 2013
            It's been a big year! And, an even bigger summer!
            The Southwest High School Community has a lot to celebrate:  
            The merger of the SOUTHWEST EDUCATION FUND and the SOUTHWEST FOUNDATION and the launch of the TURN ON THE LIGHTS campaign to install lights at the Southwest High School Stadium. 
            How did the Southwest Education Fund perform this year?
            Through your contributions, the Southwest Education Fund was able to generate over $140,000 to enrich academic excellence at Southwest High School through tutoring, ACT preparation classes, additional art and phy ed teachers, Project Success, the Link Crew, student clubs and activities and classroom supplies.  
            Because of your outstanding support, Southwest High School was, once again, ranked the number one high school in all of Minnesota.  Thank you!
            Two Great Organizations; One Amazing Union.
            This year, the Southwest Foundation, established in1992 to provide scholarships for graduating SWHS seniors and generate support for the school through alumni activities and athletics, and the Southwest Education Fund, begun in 2004 with a focus on supporting academic enrichment at Southwest High School, decided to merge.   Now as one organization under the Southwest Foundation banner, the Foundation is committed to creating an exceptional experience for all Southwest students. 
            The Southwest Foundation will continue to raise money to support academic achievement, cultivate quality artistic and athletic opportunities and provide scholarships to support the post-secondary pursuits of our graduating seniors.  The Foundation also continues to be committed to building and maintaining relationships with alumni and the community.
              TOTL Logo
            SW students to play under stadium lights--a first in the history of Southwest High School
             On Thursday, August 29th, at the SW Lakers' first home football game, we will celebrate the newly installed stadium lights and naming of our athletic field. 
            Turn On The Lights Campaign
            The effort to install permanent lighting at the stadium to allow for nighttime track, soccer and football meets and games was initiated this year by a remarkable SWHS alumnus, Harvey Feldman, class of 1961.  
            Mr. Feldman came forward and offered to provide dollar-for-dollar matching funds for all donations to the Turn On The Lights Campaign up to $300,000.  He was inspired after attending a homecoming game in 2011 with rented lights.  The campaign to Turn On The Lights is managed by the Southwest Foundation.
            Dedicating our stadium
            The stadium will be renamed after two of Southwest's legendary coaches, Art Frederickson and Dave Peterson.  Long-range enhancements to the stadium include an upgraded concession/ticket booth, improved entrance, new scoreboard and more. 
            Turn On The Lights project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
            The Turn on the Lights project is an exceptional moment for our school that enhances the Southwest Foundation's continued focus on excellence, opportunity and vibrancy in all areas of school life. Whether in the classroom, in the arts, on the field or in the community, the Southwest Foundation supports kids where they are and where they want to go. 
            Where do I learn more about the August 29th stadium celebration and Turn On The Lights Campaign?
            Visit the SWHSTurnonthelights Facebook page to learn more about the celebration and dedication and about purchasing an engraved tile that will be part of the stadium, or to buy a lifetime athletic pass.  And while you're there, please "like" us to receive updates.
            How do I get involved?
            We would love to have you join the Turn on the Lights Committee or the Southwest Foundation.  Please contact Christa Anders, Southwest Foundation Chair, at:
            to be involved.
            I don't have time to pitch in, but I'd love to donate to the cause!
            Gifts to the Southwest Foundation may be made through our website at:
            OR donations may be made by check to:
            Southwest Foundation
            3414 W 47th Street
            Minneapolis, MN 55410
            Thank you for your generous support!