Friday, August 31, 2012

First Friday - Fantastic Friday


Southwest High School
First Friday
Fantastic Friday!!
A great activity to check out the various clubs and happenings for students.  In addition to a community picnic, all the clubs and activities have table and exhibits to talk with students and encourage to become involved.  Especially for in coming students, First Friday is a happening that encourages involvement.
The picnic is for all.  Over 1,800 students involved and another 200 staff plus all the community volunteers.  Through the one and one-half hour event there is great community building and fun. 
The event could not happen without the parents and community volunteers.  Many staff cooked, served and spent time in the dunk tank.  Volunteers cooked, cleaned up and served through the event.  Preparations started at 9 this morning to get ready for the students.

First Friday - a time for community, engagement and involvement.  Join the PTSA, suppport your students, enjoy the school year!

A Step Into the Past - 1980 High School Bowl Video

Historic video footage of Southwest taking on Edina East.  Sarah Sexton was the coach and can be seen in the video.

The footage is complete with original commercials from an important part of our past.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Almost ready for that Three-day Weekend

Going to be a little cooler up north.  Maybe a bit of rain in the south.  If we didn't talk about the weather what would we worry about.  predicting the weather is almost as bad as some Twins batting averages. 

Day four is over and we still have 172 more to go.  At this piont that seems like a long way off but unfortuantely, all too soon we will saying "where did it go?"  Students have settled in and learning is happening.  (th graders are now old pros at school.

Ask your student about lunch.  Talk about a change.  They look fantastic and more and more students are choosing to eat here rather than go out.  The lunches are appealing and there is variety.  This is the first year, and I know it is only day four, but there are few complaints about the food.  We are getting better at getting everyone through the lunch line but the food is better.

Tomorrow the end of a great first week of school !

A Couple Fashion Issues

Please discuss with your students some thoughts about fashion and self respect.

Bandanas are handkerchief type pieces of cloth in color and has printing on it. Could be in any color.

NO Bandanas on head, holding back hair, in pocket exposed, on belt, wrapped around shoe or whatever.

Plain color hair ribbons, rubber bands, cloths or whatever are fine UNLESS disruptive to school.

Midriffs need to be covered. An open side, back or front is not permitted. Please use some common sense.

Shirts, tops, blouses, muscle shirts or what they are called need to have shoulders. We are “accidently” losing too many (costume malfunction).

Please be respectful of self and others

I asked Stduent Counel to review our dress codes and make sure we are in the 21st century and still within the bounds of common curtesy.

If you have questions, let me know.

Thursday - A Break in the Heat

The building and rooms are better today than yesterday.  We continue to monitor the situation.  We talk with students and staff about water and heat.  Part of the message hopefully remains with them over the weekend which is supposed to be cooler but still hot and humid.

The humidity is supposed to begin to lower after noon today.  That will be a vast improvement especially for our volleyball team who is home tonight in the west gym.  Boys soccer is at the stadium and the football team is at Hamline University starting at 7 pm.

Footlights Musical (for 9th and 10th graders only) Auditions continue in the auditorium this afternoon 3- 5:30pm.

We have been distributing water.  Many of our students bring water bottles and that works well.  That is green and good for the environment as well as healthy for the individual.

Day number 4 moves right along.  Even with the weather - whatever it may be -- we are worrying about the academic success of all our students.  We want ALL of our students to be academically proficient and demonstrated continuing academic growth.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Schedules Start to Stabilize

We are in day three and it appears to settle down.  A couple buses late - we're working on that.  And a few students still on summer alarm clock time.  But for the most part students move from class to class with confidence and hallways are clear and learning is happening.

In a few cases we are trying to balance the load.  That may take more then this week.  Some students are finding the work too easy - too difficult and we are working with the individual students to find the appropriate challenge.  In some cases we are still dealing with "I don't like my lunch period or all my friends are...".

14 year olds remain 14 year olds each year.  9th graders remain 9th graders the next year.  The physical and actual persons change but many of the 9th grade issues from last year are the same9th grade issues this year.  The people change but not the fact of being 14 or being new to high school or being a new high schooler parent.

We really don't sit around and try to determine the best way to make kids and families miserable.  The reality is that we spend nights Trying to make it better for all.

Thursday Could Be Warm

The weather knowledgeable people are issuing a Heat Warning.  Predictions call for a hot and humid Thursday.  This is NOT a call to wear less clothing.  In many cases I am not sure that would be possible and legal.  It is a call to bring a water bottle and drink plenty of water.

We are planning on a regular school day for Thursday.  We will reduce physical activities and attempting to have a calm and relaxing school day.  We are attempting to keep the building as ventilated as possible.  But that means it will still be hot Tomorrow afternoon.

Please talk with your family about understanding heat exhaustion.  If not feeling well check with a friend and if in school go to the school nurse immediately.

Fall Sports in Action!

Check out both the Southwest Activities Calendar AND the Athletics Calendar.  Unfortunately we cannot find a way to merge the two.  Please make sure you check with both calendars.

Currently the clubs and activities are gearing up for First Friday.  This is the recruitment fair during Friday lunch.  This provides students an opportunity to learn what is available, meet active current members and become involved.

Fall sports include Girls Swimming, Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Soccer, Girls and Boys Cross Country,
Football and Volleyball.  WE also offer club level Ultimate Frisbee.

Football under the lights is at Hamline University this THURSDAY starting at 7 pm.

Join a club or sport.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day moving along well

Day Number Two
Students continue to register.  The halls are quiet and the vast majority of the students are on their way to another exciting and successful school year. 

Lunch will be slow for a bit.  The change in menu looks exciting.  Most choices for students and everything prepared on site.  Stop in and have lunch with your student.  I think you will be pleasantly surprise at what you think about a school lunch.

Please remind your students this is not a day at the beach.  I know it is hot but modesty must still have a place somewhere.  I can't believe that a few of our students left home in so few clothes.  So I am guessing there are changes once they arrive.  We will continue to talk with our students about respect for self and others.

Monday, August 27, 2012

About Half Way

First day nervousness and excitement continue.  For the new juniors this is there first opportunity to go out for lunch.  Many are not sure where but they know that is what they are "supposed" to be doing.

Each change of classes is smoother than the one before.  The room arrangements are confusing and it is easy to get lost and confused in this building.  And that is true even when you have been here a while.

Most students have a strong academic schedule.  We are fixing a few as we discover mistakes and problems.  In general many of the electives are full so there is little "wiggle" room.  But it appears that for the vast majority the schedule works and we are into being in school.

We expect to resolve some of the issues by Tuesday.  We still may need to make some adjustments as the actual numbers begin to settle and we determine the needs of the students.

First Day Off and Running

The first couple hours appear to be a GREAT start to another GREAT school year.

There are lots of smiling faces in the hallways.  I think students and staff are excited to be back in school with friends and meeting new ones. 

Thanks to all the parent/community volunteers.  The morning went smoothly because of your support with the schedules and IDs and just welcoming students.

It will take a couple days to get completely back in the routine but it is a good beginning.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Official Schedules are YELLOWf

The first day of school is Monday, August 27.

Students are to report to the West Gym and pick up the OFFICAL schedule.  The official schedule is printed on YELLOW paper.  If you have a white paper copy it is NOT the official2012-13 schedule.

Students at expected to be in first period class by 8:30 am.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dance Breakfast Aug 26 Famous Dave's 7-10 am

Dance your way over to Famous Dave's in Linden Hills at 43 rd and Sheridan for breakfast 7-10 am.

Support the Dance program, enjoy a fantastic breakfast, meet friends, be served by wonderful Southwest Dancers and have a great Sunday morning!

Off to a GREAT Start!

Today is the last day of Teacher Work Week.  We are excited about the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.

Wednesday was an awesome day for the incoming 9th graders - the Class of 2016.  Orientation during the day and then a family picnic that evening.  Another outstanding group of scholars waiting to add their talents to Southwest.

Monday, the 27th is the first day with 7 periods and classes starting at 8:30 am.  As with every start there may be a couple things we need to fix but in general it looks as though the planning and preparation has been beneficial.  We have a few students we need to meet and discuss some course options but in general it appears to be set for a good day.

We will announce to students how to request meetings with counselors.  We know some students attended summer school and made some other plans over the summer.  We will adjust as we discover the needs.  Students are requested to followed the printed schedule. 

This is an excited and busy time.  Welcome back to another great school year.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

School Starts Monday, August 27

Southwest High School begins the 2012-13 school year Monday, August 27 at 8:30 pm.

Buses will operate on regular schedules.  If you walk, please allow sufficient time to be in school Before 8:30 am.  Students are to report to the West Gym to receive the official class schedule.  It is a different color than white.  Students report to Period 1 printed on the schedule by 8:30 am.

There is no official school supply list.  Each teacher on Monday will explain his/ her class and the supplies needed for that particular class.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.  Families can add to the student's lunch account on line.  No cash is accepted in line for lunch.  There are no fees for breakfast.

Lockers are assigned by the 1st period teacher.  Students purchase their own locks or purchases lock from school.   Provide locker combination or second key to 1st period teacher.  The locker remains the property of the school and may be subject  to search.

The end of the school day is 3:00 pm.

We attempt to operate  normal school day.  There are seven periods and students are expected to be in class and to be on time each period.

Fashions for School Please Think about Reasonable

Please consider the appropriateness and reasonableness of the chosen fashion.  School is a mixed group society attempting to conduct serious work.  It is not a day at the beach or your own personal back yard.

We are working with Student Council in attempting to write a dress code that uses the language students understand and can be a guide.

Student displaying inappropriate drss will be asked to change and if unable or unwilling will be sent home.

Please remember that the clothing the your daughter/son has on at the exit of the house may not be the same clothing that shows up at school.

From the Student Handbook

Appropriate Dress – Southwest students are expected to dress and groom in a manner that is appropriate for school. Clothing is not appropriate for a school setting if it distracts others from learning. This means:
  • Ø  No sagging or low cut pants. Pants must be secured at the waist and no underwear or undershorts should be visible.
  • Ø  Length of shorts and skirts must comply with the fingertip policy (stand up straight, hands down by both sides, shorts/skirts must be at the same length or longer where fingertips reach).
  • Ø  No bare midriffs
  • Ø  No exposed cleavage
  • Ø  No bare shoulders
  • Ø  No sleeveless T-shirts
  • Ø  No exposed underwear
    Students will be asked to change or go home to change and return to school.
    Other clothing policies are as follows:
  • Ø  State law requires that students wear shoes in the school building.
  • Ø  Hats, caps, headbands, head scarves, shower caps, “head rags," bandanas, goggles and other headgear are not to be worn in school.
  • Ø  Coats, jackets and other outdoor clothing are to be kept in lockers.
  • Ø  Clothing with words or images that promote illegal substances, harassment, profanity, sex, or gang affiliation is not permitted.
    We remind students that the following types of dress may place them (and others around them) at risk for a confrontation or violence since they may be interpreted as gang references.
    Ø Hats: violates school "No Headgear" policy.
  • Ø  Rags, bandanas, hair nets: violates "No Headgear" policy. Rags and bandanas should not be visible (i.e. hanging outside of
    pockets, wrapped in hair, wrapped around arm or used to tie up a pant leg). This includes traditional "paisley" patterned bandanas.
  • Ø  Headbands: violates school "No Headgear" policy
  • Ø  Hair combs or piks: should not be worn in hair or visible in
  • Ø  Belts: should not hang down and therefore be visible.
  • Ø  Pant legs: either "both up or both down".
  • Ø  Shoelaces: matching colored laces only.
  • Ø  Shirts/tops: not allowed to be buttoned with single top button
  • Ø  Sunglasses: not to be worn at school
  • Ø  Ink (fake) tattoos - Some teens draw gang references on their
Students will be asked to remove them.
Ø Clothing: clothing with clear references to gang affiliation is not

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Building Community Families of Class of 2016

Class of 2016 Families and Students Picnic!

Welcome to the entire family.  PTSA information.  Information how to get involved with the Southwest Education Fund (financial support).  Project Success invited families to participate in theatre program and students to monthly workshops.

Great sharing of information and good times.  Families meeting other families.  A great gathering at the end of a great day - the beginning of a fantastic journey to graduation in 2016.

Welcome to our newest Southwest High School community members, the students and families of the Class of 2016!

Link Crew Welcomes Class of 2016


Wednesday, the 22nd was the start of the 4-year adventure for the Class of 2016. 

125 Junior and Senior members of Link Crew welcomed hundreds of members of the Class of 2016 - the newest members of the fantastic 2012-13 Southwest student body.

Now all Lakers, they sang and cheered.  Through the day, classmates will participate in a variety of activities to start the high school experience and meet new friends.  A great beginning experience.
The 4 years go faster than we like.  Welcome Class of 2016.

Thank you Link Crew members.

On Line Schedules Available Thursday Evening

For technical reasons the online schedules (parent and student portal) will NOT be available until Thursday evening.  This is the latest information.  If there is a change I will post that.

Hard copies will be available 1-7 for grades 10 -1 at the Welcome desk inside door 3.

9th graders will receive their schedules at Noon on Wednesday as part of orientation.

Co-cards for those eligible will be distributed 1- 7 pm also.

9th grade Orientation Starts NOW!

They are pouring in -- the Class of 2016 is entering Southwest High School this morning./

Exciting activities are schedule from 9 - 2 for the Classd of 2016.

Pre-registered or not, if you are part of the Class of 2016 - you are welcome to attend.

Family pot luck picnic toght 6- 8 pm at Beard Circle outside door 15 -- rain or shine!!

Come join the fun and meet the newest LAKERS.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012-13 Southwest Schedules Online

Southwest Student Schedules will be available starting at 8:00 am on Wednesday, August 22, 2012.

Hard copies also are available at Welcome counter inside door 3 from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Student eligible will also be able to pick up their Go-Card.

Class of 2016 Orientation

Class of 2016 -- Come to Southwest High School
Wednesday, August 22, 2012
8:30 am to 2:00 pm
Class of 2016 Orientation

Great opportunity to meet new classmates.  Fun time with current 11th and 12th grade students.  Lunch will be provided.

There is a potluck picnic 6:00 to 8:00 pm also at Southwest High School for families of Class of 2016 in Beard Circle outside door 15 at school.

Schedules will be distributed during orientation.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Southwest Student Schedules Online Wednesday Aug. 22

The 2012-13 school year student schedules will be available online at 8:00 am on Wednesday morning, August 22.

Hard Copies
9th grade schedules will be distributed during orientation Wednesday, Aug. 22.

10-12 grade schedules will be distributed from noon 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm also on Wednesday, Aug. 22 inside Door 3 at Welcome counter.

If you received a letter announcing you will receive a Go-Card for transportation this year, those will be available at the same time and location.

If you have not registered for school this year, please see the Minneapolis Schools website for forms or call District Placement office at 612-668-1840.

Remember the first day of school in Monday, August 27 starting at 8:30 am.

Beloit College list for thought

Beloit College has produced the Mindset List since 2002.  What started as an interesting reminder has become worldwide famous.  The following is the Mindset list for the freshman class entering college this fall.
The 12th graders - Class of 2013 would have been born in 1995.  The juniors would be a birth date of 1996; sophomores in the year 1997.  For the entering 9th graders -- Class of 2016 -- that would have a birth year of 1998.  Image how the world has changed since your first year in high school.

The next four year will fly by.  We need to remember that the world is vastly different now.  The demands and the challenges are different.  At the same time so are the opportunities.

Beloit College Mindset
This year’s entering college class of 2015 was born just as the Internet took everyone onto the information highway and as Amazon began its relentless flow of books and everything else into their lives.  Members of this year’s freshman class, most of them born in 1993, are the first generation to grow up taking the word “online” for granted and for whom crossing the digital divide has redefined research, original sources and access to information, changing the central experiences and methods in their lives. They have come of age as women assumed command of U.S. Navy ships, altar girls served routinely at Catholic Mass, and when everything from parents analyzing childhood maladies to their breaking up with boyfriends and girlfriends, sometimes quite publicly, have been accomplished on the Internet.
Each August since 1998, Beloit College has released the Beloit College Mindset List, providing a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college this fall. The creation of Beloit’s former Public Affairs Director Ron Nief and Keefer Professor of the Humanities Tom McBride, it was originally created as a reminder to faculty to be aware of dated references, and quickly became a catalog of the rapidly changing worldview of each new generation. Mindset List websites at Beloit College and at, the media site webcast and their Facebook page receive more than a million hits annually.
Nief and McBride recently applied their popular format to 10 generations of Americans over 150 years in their new book, The Mindset Lists of American History: From Typewriters to Text Messages, What Ten Generations of Americans Think Is Normal (Wiley and Sons.).
As for the class of 2015, without any memory whatever of George Herbert Walker Bush as president, they came into existence as Bill Clinton came into the presidency. Their parents, frequently older than one might expect because women have always been able to get pregnant almost regardless of age, have hovered over them with extra care and have agreed with those states that mandated the wearing of bike helmets. Ferris Bueller could be their overly cautious dad, and Jimmy Carter is an elderly smiling public man who appears occasionally on television doing good works. “Dial-up,” Woolworths and the Sears “Big Book” are as antique to them as “talking machines” might have been to their grandparents. Meanwhile, as they’ve wondered why O.J. Simpson has always been suspected of something, they have all “been there, done that, gotten the Tshirt,” shortened boring conversations with “yadda, yadda, yadda,” and recognized LBJ as LeBron James.
For those who cannot comprehend that it has been 18 years since this year’s class was born, they will quickly confirm that the next four years will go even faster and, like the rest of us, they will continue to grow older at increasing speed.

The Mindset List for the Class of 2015
Andre the Giant, River Phoenix, Frank Zappa, Arthur Ashe and the Commodore 64 have always been dead.
Their classmates could include Taylor Momsen, Angus Jones, Howard Stern's daughter Ashley, and the Dilley Sextuplets.
  1. There has always been an Internet ramp onto the information highway.
  2. Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson could be their parents.
  3. States and Velcro parents have always been requiring that they wear their bike helmets.
  4. The only significant labor disputes in their lifetimes have been in major league sports.
  5. There have nearly always been at least two women on the Supreme Court, and women have always commanded U.S. Navy ships.
  6. They “swipe” cards, not merchandise.
  7. As they’ve grown up on websites and cell phones, adult experts have constantly fretted about their alleged deficits of empathy and concentration.
  8. Their school’s “blackboards” have always been getting smarter.
  9. “Don’t touch that dial!”….what dial?
  10. American tax forms have always been available in Spanish.
  11. More Americans have always traveled to Latin America than to Europe.
  12. Amazon has never been just a river in South America.
  13. Refer to LBJ, and they might assume you're talking about LeBron James.
  14. All their lives, Whitney Houston has always been declaring “I Will Always Love You.”
  15. O.J. Simpson has always been looking for the killers of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
  16. Women have never been too old to have children.
  17. Japan has always been importing rice.
  18. Jim Carrey has always been bigger than a pet detective.
  19. We have never asked, and they have never had to tell.
  20. Life has always been like a box of chocolates.
  21. They’ve always gone to school with Mohammed and Jesus.
  22. John Wayne Bobbitt has always slept with one eye open.
  23. The Communist Party has never been the official political party in Russia.
  24. “Yadda, yadda, yadda” has always come in handy to make long stories short.
  25. Video games have always had ratings.
  26. Chicken soup has always been soul food.
  27. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has always been available on TV.
  28. Jimmy Carter has always been a smiling elderly man who shows up on TV to promote fair elections and disaster relief.
  29. Arnold Palmer has always been a drink.
  30. Dial-up is soooooooooo last century!
  31. Women have always been kissing women on television.
  32. Their older siblings have told them about the days when Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera were Mouseketeers.
  33. Most have grown up with a faux Christmas Tree in the house at the holidays.
  34. They’ve always been able to dismiss boring old ideas with “been there, done that, gotten the T-shirt.”
  35. The bloody conflict between the government and a religious cult has always made Waco sound a little whacko.
  36. Unlike their older siblings, they spent bedtime on their backs until they learned to roll over.
  37. Music has always been available via free downloads.
  38. Grown-ups have always been arguing about health care policy.
  39. Moderate amounts of red wine and baby aspirin have always been thought good for the heart.
  40. Sears has never sold anything out of a Big Book that could also serve as a doorstop.
  41. The United States has always been shedding fur.
  42. Electric cars have always been humming in relative silence on the road.
  43. No longer known for just gambling and quickie divorces, Nevada has always been one of the fastest growing states in the Union.
  44. They’re the first generation to grow up hearing about the dangerous overuse of antibiotics.
  45. They pressured their parents to take them to Taco Bell or Burger King to get free pogs.
  46. Russian courts have always had juries.
  47. No state has ever failed to observe Martin Luther King Day.
  48. While they’ve been playing outside, their parents have always worried about nasty new bugs borne by birds and mosquitoes.
  49. Public schools have always made space available for advertising.
  50. Some of them have been inspired to actually cook by watching the Food Channel.
  51. Fidel Castro’s daughter and granddaughter have always lived in the United States.
  52. Their parents have always been able to create a will and other legal documents online.
  53. Charter schools have always been an alternative.
  54. They’ve grown up with George Stephanopoulos as the Dick Clark of political analysts.
  55. New Kids have always been known as NKOTB.
  56. They’ve always wanted to be like Shaq or Kobe: Michael Who?
  57. They’ve often broken up with their significant others via texting, Facebook, or MySpace.
  58. Their parents sort of remember Woolworths as this store that used to be downtown. 
  59. Kim Jong-il has always been bluffing, but the West has always had to take him seriously.
  60. Frasier, Sam, Woody and Rebecca have never Cheerfully frequented a bar in Boston during primetime.
  61. Major League Baseball has never had fewer than three divisions and never lacked a wild card entry in the playoffs.
  62. Nurses have always been in short supply.
  63. They won’t go near a retailer that lacks a website.
  64. Altar girls have never been a big deal.
  65. When they were 3, their parents may have battled other parents in toy stores to buy them a Tickle Me Elmo while they lasted.
  66. It seems the United States has always been looking for an acceptable means of capital execution.
  67. Folks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have always been able to energize with Pepsi Cola.
  68. Andy Warhol is a museum in Pittsburgh.
  69. They’ve grown up hearing about suspiciously vanishing frogs.
  70. They’ve always had the privilege of talking with a chatterbot.
  71. Refugees and prisoners have always been housed by the U.S. government at Guantanamo.
  72. Women have always been Venusians; men, Martians.
  73. McDonalds coffee has always been just a little too hot to handle.
  74. “PC” has come to mean Personal Computer, not Political Correctness.
  75. The New York Times and the Boston Globe have never been rival newspapers.
Copyright© 2011 Beloit College
Mindset List
 is a registered trademark

Friday, August 17, 2012

9th and 10th Musical -- Call for Auditions

Footlights is a great opportunity for Freshmen & Sophomores to get involved in theater at SWHS. Now in it's 4th year, the Footlights production is the only one that accepts all who audition and creates a unique ensemble based approach to creating musical theater. They will work with guest director Dudley Voigt, Musical Director Eric Sayre and Vocal Director Nathan Knoll as well as Southwest Technical staff and upperclassmen leaders for a whirlwind 6 week rehearsal process.


Bold, original, surreal, disturbing, thought-provoking and alarmingly funny, ASSASSINS is perhaps the most controversial musical ever written.

This most American of musicals lays bare the lives of nine individuals who assassinated or tried to assassinate the President of the United States, in a one-act historical "revusical" that explores the dark side of the American experience. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, Stephen Sondheimand John Weidman bend the rules of time and space, taking us on a nightmarish rollercoaster ride in which assassins and would-be assassins from different historical periods meet, interact and in an intense final scene inspire each other to harrowing acts in the name of the American Dream.

Informational Meeting for Students Tuesday 8/28 3:00 - 4:00 -- Auditorium

Group Auditions Wed & Thursday 8/29 + 8/30 3:00 - 5:30 -- Auditorium

Individual Callbacks Friday 8/31 3:00 - 5:00

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School Welcome to Families and Students!


Saturday, August 18

Noon - 4p.m.

Minneapolis Public Schools

Davis Center -- 1250 N. Broadway


family resources and information

how to support your student's attendance

light refreshments

giveaways and entertainment

enroll your child for the 2012-2-12 school year

preview the new Davis Center

Free rides to the resource fair

from Little Earth, Green Central School, Brian Coyle Community Center and Windom Northeast Park

For more information call 612-668-0230

or visit:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Southwest Seeking Interns

Want to build that resume?  Want to work with fantastic people?  Want to make a difference in the world?  Think about being an intern at Southwest.

PR Intern needed - works with Communication Committee.  Supports the school and District marketing plan.  Supports clubs, programs, athletics and special events throughout the year.

Website Intern - works with Technology Committee.  Supports the development and maintenance of the SW web site.  Designs and implement web pages.

Graphic Arts Intern - works with Communications Committee.  Develops and implements brochures, fliers, promo ads to support school and District marketing plan. Works closely with PR Intern.

If you are interested email letter of interest and resume to Dr. Smith.

A very small stipend is available with position.

Class of 2016 Project Success August 21-3 Orientation

Class of 2016 MPS / Southwest Freshman Orientation

August 21-23, 2012

Incoming Minneapolis/Southwest Freshman, register today for Class of 2016 Freshman Orientation!

The activities will take place August 21 - 23, 2012 and the entire event is at NO COST to students and families, thanks to Minneapolis Public Schools. Events will take place at TCF Bank Stadium, students' new high schools, and the Mississippi River. Students will:

- Meet fellow freshmen at their school
- Learn out to overcome obstacles they may face
- Begin to develop skills needed to be successful in high school
- Have fun!


Incoming freshman should have received a detailed brochure and registration form at their households in the mail.


BY MAIL: Fill out the registration form and waivers you receive in the mail (or download the form and waivers using the link). Mail the forms to Project SUCCESS, 1 Groveland Terrace, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55403

BY FAX: Fax the forms to 612-377-3540

BY PHONE OR E-MAIL: Call 612-874-7710 or send an e-mail to Please leave the following information:

name of student,
name of parent/guardian,
phone number,
the school your student will be attending in the fall, and
which days of the event you wish your student to attend.

Also, please note if your child has any special needs.

COST -- This event is FREE OF CHARGE and made possible by Minneapolis Public Schools.


For the events, you can provide your own transportation or there will be bus pick-ups at 18 designated Minneapolis schools. If you need bus transportation, please indicate WHICH SCHOOL you would like your student to be picked up from on the registration form. If you are providing your own transportation, students may be dropped off up to 45 minutes before the start of activities.


Lunch is provided each day at no cost to you (and it will be yummy food, Mmmmmmmmm)!


Call Project SUCCESS at 612-874-7710 or e-mail

More About This Event

Research has shown that students’ experiences in their first year of high school often determine their success throughout high school and beyond. However, more students fail ninth grade than any other grade. In 2008, Minneapolis Public Schools hired Project SUCCESS to design and execute a summer event that will help facilitate this critical transition.

During the 8th grade year, Project SUCCESS works with students to help them prepare for the transition to high school. Each August since 2008, Project SUCCESS has been pleased to work with the Minneapolis Public School District and high school principals to design and offer a multi-day experience aimed at helping all 8th graders successfully make this transition. Project SUCCESS coordinates this entire experience, using a variety of exercises to ensure 8th graders feel confident, comfortable, and excited about entering 9th grade. All this is provided at NO COST to students and families, thanks to the Minneapolis Public Schools.

We are offering three days of fun activities. Students can select one day or all three.

DAY ONE - Tuesday, August 21

Project SUCCESS will host a day full of fun and creative workshop activities at TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota. This day is meant to help students prepare for high school and answer many of the questions they have about this upcoming year. The day will be informative and inspirational as students connect with old friends, make new friends and learn to feel comfortable about the next school year.

8:00 a.m. transportation pick-up
9:00 a.m. meet at the TCF Bank Stadium (Benton County entrance on University Ave.)
2:00 p.m. event ends and transportation pick-up
2:30 p.m. transportation drop-off


Day two is students' Freshman orientation. This day is designed to welcome students to their new school community, let them meet their new principal and some of their new teachers, learn about their school culture and get a head start on the year ahead. Students will attend the school they are registered to attend. If a student is not registered at a high school, please call the Minneapolis Public School Placement Office at 612-668-1840.

8:00 a.m. transportation pick-up
9:00 a.m. meet at student's high school
2:00 p.m. event ends and transportation pick-up
2:30 p.m. transportation drop-off


Explore urban wilderness! Students will spend the morning outside along the Mississippi River, learning to overcome obstacles they may face in high school through fun games, physical activities and team building exercises. After lunch, students will paddle the Mississippi River in a 24-foot Voyageur canoe and experience the Twin Cities in a way few people do. Students of all abilities will be able to participate.

Select ONE of the following times:
8:00 a.m. transportation pick-up
9:00 a.m. meet at Mississippi River
1:00 p.m. event ends and transportation pick-up
1:45 p.m. transportation drop-off

9:00 a.m. transportation pick-up
10:00 a.m. meet at Mississippi River
4:00 p.m. event ends and transportation pick-up
4:30 p.m. transportation drop-off

Please call today! Space is limited for DAY THREE

Monday, August 13, 2012

Southwest Schedules for 2012-13

The rush is on!  Yes, we are going to open the exciting 2012-13 school year on Monday, August 27, 2012.

Schedules will be distributed to 9th grade during the Orientation program Wednesday, August 22.  The program is at Southwest and is 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.  9th grade schedules will also be available at the Class of 2016 potluck picnic 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Grades 10-12 schedules will be available Noon to 7:00 pm inside door 3 on Wednesday, August 22.

In preparation for the final class schedule a couple reminders:

1 - there are new electives:

Anatomy/Physiology Semester Long Elective Science Credit

Anatomy & Physiology is a one-semester science elective for students with an interest in health-related careers, as well as those interested in learning more about how the human body works. Students will study the structure and function of the major body systems, to understand how they work together and independently to fight off disease, adjust to environmental changes, and facilitate growth and reproduction. The course will include presentations, technology use, laboratories, and hands-on-activities.

World Cultures, Culture's Languages Semester Long Elective Credit

In this course, students will investigate the heritage of world cultures through dance, music, art, film and food. Through, reading, writing, discussion and hands on practice, students will investigate their history, see it in their present, and create that which best represents their understanding of the world they live in and the one they hope to shape. Expect guest speakers and discussion, lots of music, movement, and feasts for the eyes, belly, heart and mind. This semester long class can be taken for elective credit.

2 - Online Health -- If you are planning on registering for Online Health, we need your name.  We have no way of determining who is planning to register online this early.  If you are planning on registering for Health on line, please send that information to your counselor.
Counselors to contact:

Last Name: A-E

2012 SW Foundation Al Crary Golf Outing

Date: Friday, August 17, 2012

Time: 1:00 pm shotgun start

Locatio: Meadowbrook Golf Course

Format: 4 person scramble

Fees: $110.
includes: Golf, Cart, Prizes and Dinner (which will be served at the course following the round.

Charity Event Benefting:
25% SW Area Park Board Activities
25% SWHS Athletic Program
25% SWHS Foundation
25% Dave Peterson Fund

for more information contact Paul Roach 952-835-6514 or
Mike Roach 615-605-5590

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Alumni Reunion Information

This is the current information.  If you have additional information, please let me know.

Class of 1962 will be touring Southwest on August 24.  Contact is Jon LeFevre 651-483-something -- need correct telephone number.

Class of 1992 contact is Dr. John Brothers 718-964-8669

Class of 2002 is in the planning process of its 10 year reunion and the dates are November 24, 2012 .  They are building a web site as well.  Contact Leah Milojevic (Woodstrom)

If other Alumni information is available, please let me know and I will post information.

Class of 1982 Reunion - Information Needed

Southwest Class of 1982

1982 Homecoming
Queen Cyndi Lorentson and Escort Tim Meisel
Most Talkative
Dave Love and Tracy McMillan

198/2 Volleyball City Champions
Coaches Joan McNaughton and Julie Salzman
Captains Janet Punyko, Lisa Oxborough and Cathy Meuwissen

The Class of 1982 is now 30 years past graduation.  There must be a reunion plan happening.  Does anyone have reunion information about the Class of 1982.

Tracy McMillan pictured above from the 1982 yearbook.  Tracy McMillan is a television writer and memoirist, most recently on the Emmy Award–winning AMC series Mad Men. Previously, she wrote on Showtime’s United States of Tara, ABC’s Life on Mars, and NBC’s Journeyman. She’s also developing an as-yet-untitled series with Dreamworks Television. I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway is Tracy’s first book.

All the information and pictures are from the 1982 yearbook.  If any of the information is incorrect, please let me know.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fall Sports Registration Tuesday Aug. 7 - 4- 6 pm

Attention Southwest Fall Athletes!

Fall Sports Registration is Tuesday, August 7 starting at 4 pm.

If you are interested in participating in a Fall sport at Southwest this year, you need to complete the necessary forms prior to beginning practice.

Registration is in the Athletic Office

Hours -- 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Only Doors 13 and 5 will be open.

Monday, August 6, 2012

1944 Alumni Jack Little

John “Jack” Little, 86, of Austin, died Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012, at his home.

John Warren Little was born July 29, 1926, in Minneapolis, to Warren C. and Violet Ann Victoria (Steele) Little. He graduated from Southwest High School in Minneapolis in 1944, and then received his B.S. in business/education in 1951 from Northern State Teachers College. He taught for four years in Mobridge, S.D., before receiving his M.S. in education/administration from Northern State Teachers College in 1956. Jack taught at the college while working on his masters. In 1956, he accepted a job at Austin High School teaching math, and then taught math at Ellis Middle School for 25 years. He also taught business, typing, golf and swimming. John married Elaine Loney in Roberts County, S.D., on Aug. 1, 1951. They met while sitting alphabetically in a psychology class. The couple raised three children.

An avid golfer, Jack liked playing bridge, cribbage, attending theater, reading and he enjoyed many travel adventures during retirement. He was an active member of St. Olaf Lutheran Church, where he taught Sunday school and adult Bible study, and served as president/secretary of the church council. He also was a member of the Minnesota Education Association. Jack was a diabetic for 71 years and he participated in several research projects to help doctors understand the disease.

Survivors include his wife, Elaine of Austin; son, Bruce (Phyllis) Little of St. Paul; daughter, Mary (Bill) Hansen of Ironwood, Mich.; seven grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Warren and Violet; his daughter, Barbara in 1976; his sister, Jeanne.

Memorial services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 7, at St. Olaf Lutheran Church in Austin, with Todd Portinga, A.I.M., officiating. Visitation will be held one hour prior to the service at the church.

Memorials can be directed to the St. Olaf Lutheran Church Foundation, the American Diabetes Association, or recipient of donor’s choice.

Condolences may be expressed to the family online at

Notice and Services prearranged and performed by Worlein Funeral Home of Austin.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Class of 1972 - 40 Year Reunion

1971-72 Homecoming Queen Nancy Baxter

Miss McNaughton and Miss Sexton

1972 Sno Ball Queen Kathy Nelson
Hockey Captain John Taft and Coach Peterson
The Class of 1972 was another successful and exciting adventure in the lives of these - then - young people.  The population boom was in full swing and the Class of 1972 had 435 members.  The school was large and crowded.  Lots of students and activities.

Honor Awards were important and many students earned National Merit honors and membership into the National Honor Society.  Academics continued to be important to the Southwest students and families.

City Champions in Cross Country and Hockey and Swimming.  Not sure but may have been in Baseball and Track as well.

State Champion in Cross Country and 3rd in the state in Hockey.

Girls sports was a reality and competed in numerous sports.  Could not find the Varsity S club in the yearbook so not sure if Girls were allowed to letter.

As of this date I do not have any reunion information or contact person information.  If a member of the class of 1972 will email me the information I will attach to this post and attempt to get the word out.

Information was taken from the 1972 yearbook.  If there are mistakes, please let me know in order that they can be corrected.